Technical Tips – Backdrops and Lighting kits

Setting the agenda of this article here – you will get to nurture your curiosity towards an assortment of backdrops and lighting kits. If you are an amateur photographer, feel good that you stumbled upon this post.

Backdrops and lighting kits can be purchased individually for good prices. The good news is that there are many online offers to buy the best professional photo studio backdrop and lighting kit at lesser prices. The package may consist of backdrop support, lighting stands, umbrellas (in case it rains while you’re taking your pics), lamps and backdrops and so on.

Let us break down each of the components available in the backdrop and lighting kit.

Backdrop Stand: A backdrop stand is a support mechanism for your backdrop made of any lightweight metal to make it portal during photo shoot. It can be used for studio photography as well as for outdoor shoot.

Backdrops: Any photography setup is incomplete without the backdrop. It will be natural backdrop such as Sun, mountains, water, ground, grass or artificial backdrops that are usually used for indoor shoot. These backdrops range from a paper backdrop, canvas backdrop or muslin backdrops to metal to fabric backdrops.

Tripod Stand: A Tripod is used to fix or elevate a photographers camera to capture the image of a subject perfectly and easily. Professional photography is incomplete without the presence of a tripod stand, especially during indoor shooting.

Light Bulbs: They are of two types, Studio Strobe Flash lighting and Continuous lighting. The Strobe Lightcan be used minimally for indoor shoot to lend a dramatic effect and feel to your subject.

The next is Continuous lighting, tungsten, quartz-halogen, and fluorescent bulbs are mostly used to create effect. The positive side is this lighting effect lets you interact with your subject and the changes done on it with the manipulation of light by giving an instant feedback.

Photo Umbrellas: Photo Umbrellas are used to defuse and soften light rays reflecting on the subject. It helps to remove shadowing and give a perfect outline to photograph.

Research a little bit online and pick an offer that suits your experience level and budget. Happy clicking!

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