Month: December 2013

Can Computers Learn Common Sense?

Artificial intelligence is something that has been strived for by researchers for quite a while, and it has been popularized in many movies, television shows and books, including the work of Issac Asimov. Now, researchers are trying to spark artificial intelligence by letting a computer go through millions of picture and try to decide what […]

Kano: The Kit That Lets Anyone Build a Computer From Scratch

If you are a person that has always wanted to build your own computer and you really like tinkering with things, but you have always been blocked by those motherboards, and hard drives and casings, well, a new kit might just help you create your own computer. A new Kickstarter campaign for a kit called […]

Just How Bad is the Air in China?

Apparently, the air in China is very bad, and especially in Beijing. Recently, there was a story about how the visibility was so bad that a factory in Beijing had burned to the ground, and had been burning for several hours, before anyone noticed that there was a fire. This was because there was so […]

Council Backed Energy Schemes Makes Power Cheaper

Councils have been the largest producer of electricity in Britain. They considered electricity as a step for liberating masses. To address the rise in the level of fuel poverty, which affects nearly 3.5 million families in UK, has irked a revolution in the sources of energy generated locally. This week, the energy companies in UK, […]

Darpa Introduces XS-1 Spaceplane To Minimize Costs

U.S. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency or Darpa is aiming to launch a space vehicle which is reusable. This step is being taken to cut down on the costs and reduce the time which the satellites take to navigate the orbits. The organization has introduced its Experimental Spaceplane or XS-1 program which validates the ability […]

Use IMEC Sensors For High Resolution For Better Images

Image sensors of today use semi-conductor technologies to a high extent. Be it a camera, transistor or diode, semiconductors are the order of the day. IMEC is a Belgian company who does extensive research on nanoelectronics and is supposed to present their mettle in the workshop on CMOS Image Sensors for High Performance Applications in […]

Imec Shows The Way With New Solar Cell Technology

There is a huge market today for solar energy driven products. In this area, there are innovations happening every day and which companies are complementing with the incorporation of newer age technologies. In this scenario, IMEC, the reputed research center for Nanoelectronics has just announced a path-breaking innovation in the field of silicon solar cells. […]

Comet ISON Encounters The Sun And Comes Back

The 21st day of September in 2012 has gone down in the history as the day on which two Russian astronomers discovered Comet C/2012 S1, also known as comet ISON. Artyom Novichonok and Vitali Nevski, the two Russian astronomers, spotted this huge chunk through their telescope from near a place called Kislovodsk in Russia. As […]

Positive Review From FAA Certifies Graduates Of Louisiana Tech As Transport Pilot

Recently at Ruston the officials of Louisiana Tech University has stated that the Federal Aviation Administration has permitted the aviation department to certify the students of Professional Aviation as transport pilots. The students will be certified authorized degree in aviation and will eligible for Airline Transport Pilot by completing only 1,000 flight hours in comparison […]