Month: February 2012

Interest Grows on Pinterest.

The internet has anointed its next big thing. Even if you somehow have not yet encountered Pinterest, it is very likely that you shortly will. Pinterest is the new online scrapbook that allows its users to share photography and gorgeous imagery with one another and which has taken the prize for quickest growing website of […]

Next Month to See Launch of New iPad

Get ready for a month of fevered speculation, constant news articles and rumors sites going into overdrive. Fanboys will be drooling and some of them will already be out reserving their place in the queue outside the store. Apple yesterday revealed that it will shortly be unveiling the latest incarnation of its tablet computer – […]

Best Televisions to Watch Sports

What is your favourite time of day? Unless you are a workaholic who just loves to enter the office and see those gleaming PCs it is quite possibly the moment when you get home in the evenings. You can put on some comfortable clothes, grab a snack from the fridge and relax once you get […]

Nokia Lumia 710: The New Affordable Windows Phone

Last year Nokia introduced the Lumia 800, which was the first Windows Phone device. Now the Finnish company brought the second device on the same arena and it is named as Nokia Lumia 710. Those who think that the first Lumia handset was a bit costly they can opt for the second version. While you […]

How To Produce Conversion Optimized Web Designing Solutions

A midst all the color and buzz of virtual world, lies the prime objective of convincing audiences to practically get engaged with a business. Any website boasting of every other aspect to please web audiences, but lacking in its ability to convert visitors into leads, offers businesses nothing practically. This is definitely not what business […]

The Real Reason Smartphone Performance Suffers

Smartphones only feel “smart” if they are fast. No one wants to have a smartphone that slows to a crawl when loading email or games and has an abysmal battery life. For some time smartphone owners, and even some experts, have blamed networks for poor performance; however, the network is not the villain. The thing […]

Royal Caribbean Put an iPad in Every Cabin

There are some things in life which just seem like a perfect match. Would bread be the same without butter? And who can imagine driving without the radio on? Now it seems like the latest top combination to try out is a cruise ship stateroom with an iPad.   The company behind this idea is […]

Automated Houses – The Booming Technology

I remember when you had to do everything by hand at home. Lights were switched on manually, heating control were limited to `on´ or `off´ and my old mum even had an old fashioned mangle to dry the clothes. The time I am talking about wasn’t so long ago, and if it sounds like centuries […]

Technology Jobs While Travelling

There used to be a clear cut sort of choice to be made about your future employment.  On the one hand you could do something exciting like work on a cruise ship, run away with the circus or clean the windows on skyscrapers in those little boxes which always get into some sort of trouble […]

Affordable Monitors: A Great View At A Good Price

Do you spend a lot of time in front of your computer? Do you create your own videos or edit photographs? Or are your work days filled with online research and word processing? Whether you’re browsing the Web, laying out your company’s product catalog, or making an instructional video, your monitor is one of your […]