Month: June 2017

How To Take Good Pictures Of Nature

When it comes to taking pictures, there’s something about the great outdoors that can do the soul a wealth of good. Whether rolling hills, lapping waves, or steep mountains, nature pictures often trigger a positive reaction not only because of the simplistic beauty, but also because of the calming effect. Even so, it takes some […]

SEO: Better Ranking For Online Stores Thanks Mobile SEO

As a company that has, unlike most other providers and experts focused solely on mobile commerce, we want to bring a different perspective to the discussion: Google shows online retailers to clear path on how to remain relevant to customers – because what is relevant to the user, is also relevant to Google. The “Google-punishment” […]

How To Become A Competent User Of Online Sales Force Automation Software

Majority of modern businesses employ the so-called online sales force automation (SFA) software. Such platforms help sales reps speed up their day-to-day tasks and grow revenue with minimum efforts. One of the most popular SFA solutions is bpm’online CRM. It offers sales managers a wide range of tools and solutions aimed at management of the whole […]