Month: January 2014

3D Body Parts The Future Of Biomedical Research

One of the major stops ahead for biomedical research is the three-dimensional printing of organs like the human liver, as well as kidneys and even the heart. This is an exciting time for scientists and researchers and those that are healthy now, but may have the need for an organ printed specifically for them as […]

Delaware Biomedical Program Leaders Announced

A new Delaware Biomedial program has chosen those who will be leading it. Appointments for those in charge of the Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence or INBRE are now public knowledge, The program, which is all throughout the state in Delaware, is helping to create the capability for biomedical research in various areas that […]

Students Flock To Minnesota High School Biomedical Program

A biomedical program in a Minnesota high school is attracting a great many students. The brand new program, which is available at Coon Rapids High School in Michigan, will allow students to being learning about the biomedical field and will prepare them for jobs within that industry. There are some great jobs within the biomedical […]

Did Aerospace Engineer Give F-35 Blueprints To Iran?

A former employee of three United States Defense contractors was arrested in New Jersey at Newark Airport after he allegedly tried to ship blueprints and other technical details of the F-35 military airplane to Iran. The arrest happened on January 9th, and police at Newark airport made the arrest of Mozaffar Khazace, a 59 year […]

Governor Jay Inslee To Give Speech At Aerospace Event

Washington state governor Jay Inslee has been invited to deliver the keynote speech at the 13th annual conference at the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance. The event will be taking place on February 5th and February 6th and it will focus on what are the current changes that are happening within the industry. This is a […]

Small Businesses Expect Major Booms In Aerospace Orders

Some small businesses are expecting to see more revenue and more income from the aerospace industry in the coming years. For example, Pegasus Manufacturing, a medium sized machine shop in Middletown, Connecticut, will be adding a shift for new workers. Owner Chris DiPentima is seeing a huge wave of orders come in, and is expected […]