Month: October 2011

How to Choose a Webhost

A webhost is a business that offers users the ability to create their own web pages. These web pages may be for personal reflection and sharing, or they may be a crucial means of promoting operating a business. If you are browing around for a webhost, there some important features that you will want to […]

OneStat: Web Traffic Statistics Services

One of the biggest concerns that online businesses have to contend with is the amount of traffic, i.e. visitors to their websites. Without exposure, a website will be of little use to a business owner. As a means to market their products/services online, most business owners will subscribe to pay-per-click click programs and other online […]

Disadvantages Of PHP In Web Development

The popularity of PHP programming language is well documented and celebrated, but there are skeletons in its armor. Experiences with PHP projects have helped to shed light on some issues that users should be well informed about. The most prominent of these disadvantages are listed below in much detail;   Big projects require some experiences […]

The Benefits Of Using WordPress To Build A Website

Are you looking for a low cost, easy to way to build a website? Well if you are then you should consider set up an account with word press, which is an open source platform powered by PHP and MySQL. A good quality website is an amalgamation of good design elements, rich content and navigational […]

Web Development Career: Freelancer

Web development industry is a thriving one, and while it is prudent to be contracted by big corporations as an employee, greater joy can be found if you choose to be a freelance web developer. Below are some helpful insights to guide you through freelance web development career. How to Start out As with any […]