Month: September 2019

Digitalization of CX is Reshaping Banking & Finance

The eminence of customer experience is increasing day by day, and the reasons are valid. The experience that the business is offering to the customers is responsible for customer retention as well. Customer experience has a major role to play in every industry, including the banking and finance industry. CX is inclusive of a host […]

Shot the Next Level Photography with Quality Cameras like Nikon & Sony

In many individuals lives an enthusiastic photographer! However, they don’t always have the means to take their skills to the next level. Reviews matter a lot. People love to read-only genuine and honest reviews before buying a program. And is helping them out for sure. They keep clicking photos by using a camera smartphone, […]

Can CRM Downtime Affect Your Business?

A business adopts a customer relationship management solution to manage the interactions and the relations with the customers. Every company implements a CRM solution to ensure that they have a channel to communicate with their customers, to listen to their problems, to offer support whenever needed. And, at the same time, the CRM solution also […]