How to Keep Your Business Safe from Cyber Attacks

According to GOV.UK, in 2022 a whopping 39% of businesses experience cyber attacks at least once a week. As cyber attackers get more savvy, and are coming up with new and more malicious ways to attack your business, prevention is the best way to fight against these attacks. By implementing these tips in your business, […]

Interview Tips for Software Engineers

It’s a common problem for every engineering team: how do you hire the smartest, most talented engineers? What are the best questions to ask software engineers in an interview? How do you assess their skills and logic? What protocol should they follow to pass the interview? How can you ensure that those new joiners can […]

How to Do Digital Marketing For Non-profits

In recent years, nearly 70% of non-profit organisations around the world have struggled to get funds over $500,000.  But what makes some succeed, when others fail? The answer is marketing- storytelling, originality, and collaboration. Like any other business or organisation, non-profits also depend on marketing to spread their message across and gain the needed brand […]

How to Make Money on Instagram? 5 Popular Ways

With around 1.386 billion users, Instagram is one of the top 4 most popular social media platforms. Moreover, 63% of all customers are people aged 18–34, that is, a solvent audience. All this means that Instagram is a great way to make money.  But how to make money through Instagram? For example, you can become […]

How to Get Started With Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence or BI may appear to be a process involving a great deal of time, effort, and money. But, this isn’t accurate. In truth, BI is using your business processes to improve the way you run strategies, analytics, data, and KPIs.  Whether you are dealing with Excel Tablets that value data or a large […]

6 Ways to Optimize Ecommerce Product Catalogs

A high-quality digital online catalog can help you vary your marketing channels while also providing you with a shareable and brandable asset. Scaling an e-commerce platform necessitates the creation and maintenance of an e-commerce product catalog. When used correctly, the catalog may increase search engine traffic, improve product knowledge, and increase conversions. However, with poorly […]

5 Automotive Technologies to Appear in Your Car Soon

When you are looking for the best exotic car rentals of Orlando, you expect to get a nice-looking car full of high-tech features. Yes, exotic and luxury cars are the testing ground for innovative solutions, so they are a frequent choice among those who want to touch the future. The capabilities of modern cars are […]

Digital Assistant: The Best Apps to Travel During Covid-19

Did you miss travelling? A new phase in lifting coronavirus restrictions could make the summer vacation dreams of many travellers come true. Vaccinated Britons will be able to travel to the countries of the “yellow” list without mandatory quarantine upon return. As a result, EasyJet reported a 400% increase in reservations, while British Airways’ website […]

New Technologies and Gadgets in Logistics

If your business was a body, the logistics would be its musculature (the parts that animate it and make it move). Therefore, it would be impossible to imagine an efficient business without an efficient logistical infrastructure.  You see, if your delivery is slow, non-responsive and prone to errors, it doesn’t matter how good your salespeople […]

Road Trip Navigation Apps: 5 Alternatives to Google Maps

A road trip is a great way to get away from the daily hustle and bustle. Especially if you pick up van rental Cancun and go to one of its picturesque beaches with the whole family.  Yes, it’s now very easy to have a rental car anywhere in the world. You choose a suitable destination, […]