Month: December 2011

Increasing Popularity of Affordable SEO Services

When you are thinking about SEO services and the prices involved with these services, there might be definitely great reasons for you to be worried. However, there are many site owners who are lucky enough to get access to different affordable SEO services, because this in turn, can save the site owners save money. It […]

Top Smartphone Apps for Winning Prizes!

You may not realize this, but there are actually a number of Smartphone apps out there which you can download, and then From simple contest apps to QR code scanner apps, there is more than one way to win an awesome prize with your Smartphone. In fact, your options are pretty much limitless depending […]

Optoma Pro360W

Projectors have been substituted for televisions in many homes. There are several projectors of very high quality, but until the surface onto which projectors is somehow enhanced, projectors’ the image quality can’t quite compete with plasma screens, for example. However, you can’t very well carry your plasma screen television wherever you want. In the world […]

HP Mini 1103

Netbooks are always competing with each other in terms of price. Functionality is alright but 99% of people use these just for word processing and spreadsheets. When it comes to price, nothing can go lower than the $300 HP Mini 1103. Speed is neglected but some features make up for it.   The HP Mini […]

Plustek MobileOffice S400

Scanners were a great invention when they came along. Like with any great invention, their evolution not only makes them better at what they do, but also it makes them smaller. Sometimes, though, the obsession with size can have an adverse effect on quality. With Pulsek’s MobileOffice S400, listed at $120, the case resembles that […]