6 Steps to a Successful Mobile-Friendly Social Media Marketing Campaign

These days, when it comes to marketing, mobile is no longer an option.

You have to optimize your social media posts for mobile. Doing so leads to higher user engagement and better sales conversions on your end. 

Having a marketing strategy is crucial to the survival of any kind of business. But identifying the right approach is a challenge. 

Here are a couple of tips on how you can create a successful mobile-friendly, social media marketing campaign:

Produce mobile-friendly content

To make your social media marketing truly mobile-friendly, all of the content that you upload should be optimized specifically for mobile users. 

This means creating shorter posts that are easy to read on a smaller device. You should also focus on simpler objectives for most of your posts. 

Reach out to your audience on social media with compelling and valuable content. Offer them your services, just ensure that you do not spam them. 


Make your site load fast enough

Apart from making your site mobile-friendly, you also need to ensure that your site loads fast enough. 

A phone’s data connection is not as fast as Wi-Fi. So if a site takes longer than 25 seconds to load, most people would simply lose patience and will just hit the back button. 

Therefore, speed is extremely important. 

Luckily, there are tools, such as the Accelerated Mobile Pages, that you can use to improve your website’s page load speed ‒ especially for your mobile site visitors. This is possible by removing unnecessary web design elements that can hog down your website’s loading speed. 


Embrace mobile post content formats

Videos and images have been said to work better on mobile. Doing your marketing on highly visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram will let you make the most of these formats. 

Meanwhile, if you want to leverage visuals on Facebook, you can utilize a visual format, and then add compelling captions to these videos to improve their readability. 

Similarly, you can also utilize less conventional formats like branded photo overlays and QR codes, which allows customers to engage with your brand through their smartphones and other mobile devices. 


Implement device targeting on your ads

Social ads in mobile have seen a couple of expansions over the years, with new additions like Instagram Story Ads and Facebook Lead Ads. 

For any ad that’s run on Facebook’s Ad system, you could include device targeting, which includes Instagram Ads. That way, Facebook will display these ads to mobile users proportionately. 

To accomplish this, you need to utilize segmented campaigns in the same ad set, which targets mobile devices only.


Publish content during the peak mobile hours

Even if a lot of platforms have algorithms that will organize the user’s feeds based on relevance instead of the time it was posted, uploading content on-peak hours of the day still matters ‒ especially if you plan on optimizing for mobile. 

Getting that initial surge of engagement because your content is posted at the right time will help you stay on top of your user’s feeds, both in your current and future posts. 

In fact, many of the best Facebook ad agency will advise you to post on peak hours on mobile. This when most of your target users and social media followers are most active on their devices.

For most people, itis usually while they are traveling to and from their work, or they are already getting settled in for the day.


Optimize your social accounts for local search

This is extremely crucial, especially for local businesses, like restaurants, stores, and hair that would like to drive foot traffic to their physical location.

So, make sure that you fill in every information about your business, including the street address of your physical store and your local phone number. 

Usually, users can search for “Nearby Places” on Facebook, which will give them a map of the businesses that are close to their location. Users can then look up the place by name or browse per category. 


Over to You

Mobile digital marketing not just a growing trend but an imperative part of your overall marketing strategy.

Thus, trying the tips mentioned above can create a successful mobile-friendly social media marketing campaign.

Remember that people will always want to try out something new. They easily get tired of the old way of doing things. So, it is high time that you leverage these marketing strategies to make sure that you get the conversions that you deserve.

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