Workshops are influencing the students to take photography as their profession

Every renowned organization has responsibility for the society. Now, Noah’s Ark Communications Ltd. is taking some essential initiatives to return something to the society. They are organizing a workshop for three days.

The workshop will be on make up and creative photography for Wasimi Community Senior School’s students in Maryland. There was a separate session for Entrepreneurship in the introduction of the program. This school is situated just beside the Noah’s Ark.

The initiative of CSR was arranged by making a partnership with MUA, a group of makeup artists from Nigeria. Some members were physically present in the program and some others give donations or provide make up supplies and products to the schools.

According to Mr. Lanre Adisa, the managing director of Noah’s Ark, this initiative has been taken to encourage more students to work in the field of photography. Now a day taking photography is not only an amateur for the students. A lot of students are wishing to take this as a profession. Noah’s Ark Advertising Limited is trying to support them through this workshop.

Now, there are various career options. Photography is one of them. One can make a very bright career in this field. However for this a student should adopt all the necessary skills of a professional photographer. Noah’s Ark is helping the students to get those skills through their workshop.

The schools are taken because from the age of school student, if one can grow interest in photography, it will help them to learn the skills in a better way and thus they will have a very good chance to take this as a career option in future.

According to Adisa, this kind of workshop is going to help them a lot because by these workshops they will be confident to take these two subjects as their career option and thus they can actually lead them to a perfect position to establish their career in future. They will become entrepreneurs. Therefore, as an organization they will help the students to get a perfect career option.

Now a day people are taking photography as a very crucial art. In fact, people are hiring professional photographers to shoot the pictures of a marriage party or any other occasion. Therefore, it will be a very lucrative option for the future.

Now there is a huge competition in the field of study and obviously there is a lack of jobs. In such a situation there is a huge necessity of choosing a different career option which will assure a bright future for the students.

According to the teachers of various schools this sort of workshops are like lifetime opportunities to the student. All these workshops will help the students to learn new skills. At the same time, it will help a school to give their students the chance of building future career.

A government is also helped by these agencies for these initiatives to make the students more capable for future. More and more students will be interested to choose photography as their career in the future because of participating in this sort of workshop.

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