What Do You Need To Look For Your Website Redesigning?

If you had your website made years ago, you might need to go for a web redesign. Initially when you had got your websites, designed, it would have cost you double. Now it will cost you lot cheaper than what you had paid at that time.

If you are going for a website redesign, consider the following stages:

First of know and understand if you really need to go for a change or no and how much would the change play in your success. Think about why do you need this change? Make sure if you want to go for a complete redesign or just few sections of the web page. Usually it is wise to change some sections of it rather than changing more. If you haven’t touched your website from a long period of time and suddenly you feel that it is outdated, that would take more than normal and a lot of effort on your behalf to make it best web design.

Time change and with the changing time you need to change the content of the website as well. Otherwise the content loses its relevancy. Obviously the topics of interest two years back were a lot different then what they are today.

There are few tips for you to keep in mind while going for this change:


Google analytics would be a wiser choice. Through it you can monitor what you changed and how you changed from previous to current one. It is the best possible option for inspecting the change and knowing about what is working and what is not. Try analyzing the landing pages of the website along with the exit pages to know what is working in what condition.

Future Goals and Understanding

Jot down what changes do you need and what for? Check what is working on your site and what missing on it. Try to answer all such questions from yourself. Do you actually need to incorporate the latest features and how your readers would leverage form it? Would the new feature bring any difference and is it worth going for?

Keep the objectives in your mind and decide if you wish to simply freshen up the whole look of the website or you wish to brand your sites’ image. Try making your design more user friendly and make it more interactive. Make the site friendlier for the visitors to stick to it and make it more intuitive. Make sure that people accept the change and they do not get confused at the first place. Keep yourself at the place of the visitors and think about it in depth!

 Modern Design & Appropriate to your Niche

Try to incorporate a design which would suit your image and niche. Each niche has its own styles and trending. Therefore, you have to keep your niche in mind while making the changes.

Evaluate, analyze your current design

Analyze well your current design. Ask yourself is it fulfilling your needs or not? Analyze which portions are clicked the most on your website.

Competitor Websites

Keep the competitors’ websites into notice as well. This would help you in uunderstiang what your website lacks and what other have which make them better. However, try looking at the website of your strongest competitor.

Which Mistakes you Should Avoid.

Learn what mistakes you cannot afford to make. You can learn these from the reviews of different people. Mostly the blogs are the best place for you to find out what you need to avoid.

Conveying Information with New Design

Make sure the new page convey all your information well and does not lead an open end.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make it a SEO friendly site

User-Friendly Website

Keep it user friendly if you wish to stick the users to your site!

Increase User Interaction

The more you have interaction, the more you are successful. So make the site an interactive one.

These are some effective tips which will help you in web redesign and increase your website not only traffic but also helpful in gaining search engine ranking.

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