Web Development Career: Freelancer

Web development industry is a thriving one, and while it is prudent to be contracted by big corporations as an employee, greater joy can be found if you choose to be a freelance web developer. Below are some helpful insights to guide you through freelance web development career.

How to Start out

As with any career, starting out proves a big hurdle for freelance web developers. It is important that you start well as it can make or break you. Start off in a niche area and try to build it up and become an expert and build up a line of clientele and positive reviews. For example, if your specialty is in the field of WordPress, Drupal or other content management systems, you should specialize on them. The important point is to become an authority on the matter.

You do not Need to be a Wizard

One mistake most freelance web developers make is to assume that you have to know it all in order to bid on projects. Far from it, it is not even important that you understand programming language for you to place a bid. Even if you do not know how to finish the project, you can learn as you do it, that is why Google is there…to assist you. However make sure you produce what the client asked for. The point am trying to portray is that failure to know a small part of a project should not scare you away. Any honest web developer will attest to the fact that they at times learnt on the job or when they stepped off their comfort zones.

Develop to work with Clients

How you deal with clients can define your freelance web development career as the clients are the business itself. Nowadays with services of freelancing job sites you can be able to start projects without having a portfolio. Working with clients can be a hard or a wonderful experience, but the important point is to learn how to deal with them. While this skill can be taught in school, any old medal in this field will tell you that this can only be developed with practice.

Good Communication

Communication remains one of the most overlooked ingredients of web development freelancing, or any freelancing for that matter. The kind of communication you have with your client can be the difference in finishing a project, winning a bid and crucially keeping the customer happy. Making sure you keep your client(s) on the loop is vital, even if you are communicating to relay bad news like delay in delivery, he or she will appreciate your transparency and honesty. You can never communicate too much with your client.


Bid low when you are starting out; make no mistake about it, in the initial stages experience is worth more than what you can rake in per hour. If you are patience enough you will gain more experience and will soon be able to raise the price bar once you have positive testimonials and brilliant work to showcase.

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