Ways to Save Money Online

Budget conscious consumers can easily find ways to curb their spending by using the Internet to get steals, deals and coupons to buy their favourite things. Social media sites, daily deals and deep discounts for existing customers mean you never have to pay full retail price online again. Here are five ways to save money online today! Social

Media site such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to connect with your favourite brands in new and interesting ways. By friending or following these companies online, you get exclusive access to coupons, deals and sales before everyone else. Businesses on Facebook often treat their friends to deep discounts and sneak peek previews. This is an excellent way to save money online.

Free services such as Skype and Hulu let you get rid of existing services that cost you money such as telephone and cable services. These online services replace your existing services thereby saving you a monthly bill. Additional services such as Netflix streaming and Apple iTunes rentals do cost money out of pocket but save you on a large cable bill for viewing your favourite shows on your laptop or Wi-Fi enabled television.

Groupon & Living Social are two websites that offer deep discounts to their customers. You sign up on their website to get their daily deals and purchase their discounts. The benefit to using these sites is they are targeted to your geographic location. This means you are offered relevant deals tailored to meet your needs and location.

Craigslist & eBay offer excellent ways to buy and sell used goods and logbook loans. You can save on buying online by buying used items in good condition. Craigslist is an excellent way to buy furniture and tools in your geographic location which saves you on shipping costs. EBay is an excellent place to buy used electronics to save money on the retail cost of new items. Be sure to factor in the shipping costs to determine if you are actually saving money buying used or wholesale.

Students can get discounts by signing up for Upromise. This service lets you get discounts for shopping online through their website. You get a percentage of your sale price back in your Upromise account. This is then set up to deposit in your bank account or towards your student loans to pay them off. There are other websites such as Bank of America who partner with online merchants and offer cash back for shopping online through their website.

The Internet provides a multitude of ways for savvy consumers to save money online. Whether it is printing coupons, replacing services or getting cash back savings, there is a method to meet every consumer’s needs. With a little research, you can keep your cash in your wallet where it belongs.

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