Useful Android Apps You Can Enjoy Right NOW

When Android cellphones were released, it made an impact to a lot of people. Lots of futuristic uses that we thought would take a long time to become mainstream – actually happened with Android. The Android marketplace features about 100,000 applications that can be installed to your cellphone. These applications can enhance the performance of your Android phone and let you enjoy more your cellphone. Here are some applications that might be useful for you.

Useful Android Apps You Can Enjoy Right NOW

In the productivity category, Android has the Quickoffice application which lets you make documents, excel files, or a PowerPoint with the use of your cellphone. It also has Extensive Notes which lets you easily take down notes by typing or it can also be handwritten on your cellphone. Another great application to download is the Vlingo that is a very helpful feature because you can command your phone to call, text, or do other stuffs through voice commands. It’s just like a personal assistant inside your own cellphone. There are also applications that can let your read e-books through your cellphone. These applications are Kindle and Nook. Other applications are Paypal, Barcode Scanner, and Dragon Dictation. These applications mentioned are definitely amazing and for free.

For the games and entertainment category, these are not only for kids but for adults too. Angry Birds is a must-have application and a popular one. In case you don’t know, Angry Birds is a game that lets you shoot birds with a slingshot and hits the towering structures to destroy them. Simple as it may seem, but it is challenging and very addictive. Hungry Shark is another game that is simple yet addictive. Here, you play as the shark and you have to tilt the cellphone to be able to eat the little fishes and of course you have to surpass challenges to stay alive. Alchemy Classic is somewhat a mind game wherein you have to create different materials by combining only four basic elements. Other great game applications are the Graviturn, Newton, and Robo Defense Free, and a lot more free games not mentioned.

Teenagers cannot live without their social networking activities. Of course the famous Facebook application, and also the Twitter. Android phones also have Foursquare application that lets you check places where you can get a discount when shopping. If you are the type of person who is very addicted to social networking sites, then IM+ is the best application for you. IM+ is an application that combines all famous social networks such as IM, Facebook, Myspace, Skype, and a lot more. Again, all of these applications mentioned are free for you to enjoy.

Now, our lives wouldn’t be complete without multi-media applications, right?. Tunein Radio is an application where you can choose among popular radio stations and also genre stations. Pandora is an application that lets you create your own station according to your own preferences in music. Mspot is where you can upload your own music library to their server, but internet connection is needed every time you access your library but still you don’t need to store your music in your cellphone’s memory.

There are also other applications that are exclusive for root users. Examples are the Wireless Tether, Adfree that can block all ads, Rom Manager, and a lot more. These applications are can really bring out the best in your Android phones. So enjoy downloading these applications right now and take your Android to the next level!

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