Upcoming Apple Gadgets – What To Do With Your Old Ones?

Laptops, smartphones, and other advanced electronics have become the norm these days and as such you do not readily get buyers to whom you can sell your spectacular phone or MacBook because chances are that they are already packing an amazing device of their own that rivals if not exceeds your phone.

So how do you go about selling your precious electronics? Especially when you desperately need to for financial reasons or simply to get the latest tech that just came out. Well, one tried and tested old-school method is to explore the open plains of the marketplace. Before you head – head up that you might be in for a big surprise as to the value of your phone. Like you, people are looking for a bargain since that is actually the vital unique selling point (USP) of your gadget – with so many gadgets with such advanced features, no device or brand really stands out as the device. So a tiny bump, a visible scratch on the screen or a small software glitch can mean all the difference between selling your device for $100 to a disappointing $70. Salesmanship is a huge advantage, hustling is part of the chore and coming back empty-handed is something that is a great probability.

The next option, hassle free and quite refreshing websites that offer electronic buying services such as the popular domain Igotoffer.com. The service specializes in all things related to Apple; whether it is an iPhone or MacBook. Now though the company has extended its range to include a multitude of other brands and electronics as well. The process is simple – you either drop off your gadget or have it picked up (for a nominal fee), the technicians inspect the device from top to bottom and keep you informed every step of the way.

Igotoffer.com then makes you an offer and explains why they are buying your phone at the price they are quoting. If you are satisfied, the sale is done, have your money delivered or device exchanged for another of equal value. However, if you are not satisfied with their offer you can have them deliver your gadget back to you free of cost.

The third option is indirect marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist and many others like it. You are guaranteed to get a lot of potential buyers but the arduous chore of hustling and bargaining are still there and the added baggage of safety. Especially when it comes down to craigslist – the site has become notorious over the year for numerous crimes including thefts, sexual assaults, and even kidnappings. These online marketplaces are still a good way to do trade but you have to be very careful when dealing with potential buyers and sellers. It’s always a good precaution to never share your personal details or financial information on a live ad for millions to see – proceed with a transaction until you have peace of mind that the individual at the other end is legit and interested in trade and nothing ominous.

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