Top Smartphone Apps for Winning Prizes!

You may not realize this, but there are actually a number of Smartphone apps out there which you can download, and then

From simple contest apps to QR code scanner apps, there is more than one way to win an awesome prize with your Smartphone.

In fact, your options are pretty much limitless depending on how creative you are. With that said, here are some of the Top Smartphone Apps for Winning Prizes which are currently available.

The Great Contest

The Great Contest App is set up for the iOS and is one of the more user-friendly apps available. This prize app allows users the opportunity to win some pretty cool electronic gadgets every month.

The Great Contest App is available on either the iPhone or iPod Touch. It features a variety of mini games which allows users to compete with one another for the highest score. Thus, if you have the highest score…you win.
Among some of the prizes the contest app offers range from HD and 3D TVs to tablets to Blu-Ray players and more. It’s definitely one contest app worth checking out.

QR Code Scanner

That’s right. You can actually take a stab at winning some awesome prizes if you take the time to look; look for QR codes that is.

Sure, the app itself doesn’t provide a contest feature but it’s what you can do with a QR code scanning app which makes it appealing to contest-goers everywhere.

As you may already know and seen, you can’t even go out in public without seeing a QR code somewhere. They can be found on everything from retail product packaging to magazines and more. With that said, many of these QR codes have URLs leading to contest pages embedded in them. This means, after you scan the code with your Smartphone, you’ll be taken to a mobile site where you can submit an entry to win a prize.
Again, it’s up to you just how many contest you enter by scanning QR codes. The tricky part is finding codes which actually have contests links embedded in their profile.

Ice Dash 2 HD

Who would have ever thought digital penguins could make you money.
Believe it or not they can with Ice Dash 2 HD.

Ice Dash 2 HD allows users to compete with one another. The game involves using your penguin to break fish out of ice without missing any in order to score points.

You can actually win a cash prize by simply downloading the app. The developer of the app regularly provides cash to those who purchase the app on a certain number. For example, the 50th person who buys the month could win $10; the 100th, $20; the 500th, $50; and so on.


When it comes down to it, the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to locating smartphone apps which allow users to win prizes. Sure, there are a few “big” apps out there that everyone is familiar with, but sometimes a little searching can go a long way in helping you find a contest app which features even bigger and better prizes.


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