Top 5 Android App Development Trends To Follow in 2020

Top 5 Android App Development Trends To Follow in 2020

Are you a mobile app developer? Entrepreneur? Product company? Startup? that is interested in launching their own app in the market? No matter what your target, if you are planning to launch an app or already have an app in the market, then it is best to be aware of the marketing trends.

There are a number of market trends that android app developers must be aware of. This helps in enhancing the impact of that one great idea in the market. It will add value to the app helping to work on the top-notch quality.

In order to do go, it is essential to be aware of the market trends that we will witness in 2020 in the android app development. Let us get down to the road to not miss out on anything important.

#1 Game-Changing Blockchain

We all have witnessed the hype of blockchain apps in the market that is reaching a great height with time. Especially in the last few years, blockchain has become the talk of the town adding up to the current scenarios.

Blockchain technology has managed to change the game for businesses and startups while powering up the app development world. There are a number of blockchain-based solutions and smart contracts in the market that are making companies watch-out for more.

2019 was the year where Blockchain took a whole new turn with mobile app developers and techies developing software and apps as per cryptocurrencies. It is estimated that the revenue will reach $3 million by 2030.

#2 5G Technology

Mobile app development companies like Appventurez are including 5G tech in mobile apps. In 2019, the tech gained a lot of hype and with mobility, it will be transformed forever. It is considered for the development to enhance speed, data security, adding features, augmented reality, and 3D gaming.

5G is influencing the development on a new level to offer faster and better speed to the users. The feature also includes ultra-low network latency and custom network slices. This helps in working on slow internet connection speed and makes the mobile app responsive in nature.

#3 Sphere Alternatives Internet of Things

The industry is evolving with time and IoT has taken a major step forward in mobile app development. Developers are including IoT in the business list to the apps that can control the non-IT equipment easily. The platforms developed are extremely intuitive in nature to allow the developers to achieve goals.

There are different strategic points placed together in order to enhance the workflow of viable platforms such as:

  • Xively – Through this platform, mobile app developers can easily work on the app project with features like IoT.
  • Android Ubidots – It is another platform that helps in integrating Ubidots with the android account this helps in pushing the apps on the mobile phone to enhance the speed and workflow.
  • Thingworx – It’s a next-level tool that is used to segregate services and products easily. Along with this, business activities can be optimized easily while enhancing the mobile app experience. It also helps in identifying and building revenue channels.

#4 Artificial Intelligence

This is not something new since we have seen a whole new implementation of AI in the market. In 2019, mobile app developers have used machine learning and deep learning concepts to develop apps. There are AI-apps like IRIS, Google Assistance, Cortana, FaceApp, Siri, and Replika in the market.

Machine learning and deep learning collaborate together with the help of real-time analysis and valuable data. Chatbots are one of the major names that include AI deployment on a new level. The components are added properly to enhance the feature of the app while focusing on the concept.

Now, companies can easily include the chatbots to apps and websites as virtual assistance to the customers. This is not it, AI is used by physicians and doctors for cancer treatment. The reinforced learning concept can help in monitoring cancer conditions of patients along with offering suitable treatments.

#5 Instant Apps

The mobile app developers are now working on instant apps as well. It is mainly on the business aspect that allows in increasing the rate of conversion for the Android and iOS apps in place of regular apps. This concept has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years.

The gaming industry is also leveraging this concept while focusing on the acquisition rate of players. The top players include Hothead, Skyscanner, Wish – Shopping Made Fun, New York Times, Hollar Inc., and King that are gaining a lot of popularity with instant apps.

They are similar to native mobile apps that require no installation to be used by users. Hence, it will take less space on the disk while offering all the website functionalities. This enhances the experience of users while consuming minimal space.


There are so many apps that are uploaded to the play store every day. However, competition is one of the biggest factors that the apps have to face. In order to ensure that the app is gaining success, it is essential to send out regular updates while keeping the latest trends and technologies in mind.

The above-mentioned trends will take you a step towards your goals. Hence, make sure to follow the trends to be in the market and gain popularity.

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