Top 10 Universities For Telecommunication In US


– There are various telecommunication universities in USA which varies from one another. Before one travels to learn about the course, the person must first apply to the University for a Vacancy.

ESTA application US has specialized in applying for persons willing to study in US. They also help people with problem when applying for the course.

– It enables citizen from other countries to have authority to travel to US and this includes people such as businessmen, persons traveling for leisure or education or medical reasons.


Southern Methodist University

– It’s a private university and it was ranked as the best university in the national in the edition of the best colleges. Its tuition and fee in 2014/2015 are $45,940. It is also known to be the best engineering school.

University of Maryland in College Park

– This University appeared in the best 376 colleges in US where it offers telecommunication master and degree. It is approximately 13 Kilometers from Washington, DC. It’s known to offer unique and quality skills in telecommunications, many students from other continents are applying to join and study at the University. The program can be pursued both full time and part time.

Top 10 Universities For Telecommunication In US

University of Denver in Denver, CO

-This university was ranked among the best Universities in US which offers both certificate and master’s degree in telecommunication technology. Certificate can be offered both online and at the campus.

Clark College

– It is located in Vancouver, Washington and was ranked among the best colleges offering telecommunication technologies, it has favorable conditions and well equipped making it a successful University.

County College of Morris

– It’s located in Randolph. NJ is among the best Universities in US offering programs in telecommunication technology. Number of students from other countries is on increase, its fame has attracted many people to study at the campus.

Murray State University

– It is located in the city of Murray, Kentucky and it is a public University and has been many times ranked among the best Universities in Murray.

Pace University

– This University is located in New York, NY and it works in collaboration with other institutions to offer telecommunication programs.

St. John’s University

Students graduating from this University have been regarded to have good telecommunication skills making them very marketable in institutions requiring such professions.

– It is located in Queens. NY and was ranked in the best colleges offering telecommunication engineering, it also offers networking making it Unique from other colleges. it offers the course both at day and at night.

Stevens Institute of Technology

– It is located in Hoboken, NJ and it is known for offering good telecommunication program. It consists of people from other countries pursuing certificate and masters in telecommunication.

University of Oklahoma

– The University is located in Tulsa. OK and it is known to have among the best world class telecommunication research laboratories. The University has other engineering courses making it famous and attracting many people to pursue in other engineering courses. It offers some courses both full-time and part-time.

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