Tips to Help Your Company Become More Eco-Friendly

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to bring in revenue, and cut expenses. But, how do we do that? Fortunately, there are several choices. Many of them incorporate going green. Developing eco-friendly choices such as saving water, installing solar panels, and similar tasks, will not only help you save water…Showing that your environmentally-conscious may also attract new customers.

Tips to Help Your Company Become More Eco-Friendly

Hire Freelance Workers

Using freelancers is a great way to help your company lighten the load of its workers by giving tasks to someone else. But, as The Balance: Small Business tells us, it’s another great way to go green by doing two things. First, it allows the worker to not use their car to go to work, which decreases the carbon footprint. Secondly, it allows them to work from anywhere they are. With the technology we have today, we are able to communicate electronically through email, texts, and social media. You may also be able to use a video chat service to be a part of a meeting from a remote location. Therefore, using a car to meet someone in person is not as necessary as it once was.

Office Supplies

However, if you do need to go to the office, there are many “smart ways” to help make it environmentally-friendly, as well. According to The Huffington Post, one such way is to use sustainable office supplies. For starters, consider using refillable pens. The disposable ones eventually become wasteful, and are comparably more expensive because you keep buying them. Refillable pens eliminate the need for such costs.

In addition, have your workers be mindful of their paper usage. Going green isn’t just about using environmentally-safe paper. It’s also about how much you use.

You can also recycle supplies just as you do plastic, glass, and aluminum cans. Reuse supplies whenever possible. Don’t just throw them away.

Web Hosting

While every company needs a website, consider monitoring your web servers. Using renewable power sources to host your site will not only save energy. It can also save you money, allowing you to pass the savings to your customers.


Every office needs chairs, and a place to do your work. However, old furniture is often thrown out, and sent to a landfill, which can be toxic. Yet, since these items are often made of wood, metal, or plastic, they can be repurposed to create something new, which allows these materials to not be wasted.


Another necessary office tool – the computer – allows us to do so much. But, what about when we’re not at our desk? Consider putting your computer to “sleep”. Doing so allows it to stay on, use less energy, and get right back to what you were doing once you return to your desk.

But, you should also consider the computer’s brand name. Companies like Dell and HP allow you to return your computer, and recycle it. The store from which you purchased your computers may also have a recycling program of its own.

Replace The Lighting

Whether you work in the office or somewhere else, you still need good lighting. But, as Forbes explains, you can upgrade that, as well. CFLs and LEDs may be a bit more expensive. However, due to popularity, and knowing that they last longer, they are cheaper than they once were. In fact, over time, CFLs and LEDs can save you up to $200 per bulb.

Green Your Machines

Whether you use a copier, or any other appliance you may find in your office – especially the fridge in your break room – they all use energy. However, upgrading to newer models is another way to cut your energy usage. While you may think of Energy Star as a company that only deals with home appliances, they – in fact – work with many companies to help create energy-saving office supplies. So, there is no longer any excuse not to go green in the office.

Being in charge of a company means controlling how revenue is earned and expenses are paid for. However, the information in this guide should help you not only become more eco-friendly. It should also help you save money in many ways. In the long run, customers will take notice of your willingness to help the planet, and it may help to increase business.

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