The Power of 3D Technology and Latest Amendments

The technology that surrounds our daily lives is constantly changing and advancing. It brings new and exciting ways to access information or watch the latest movies or sports fixtures. The general landscape of entertainment has been transformed by new technology. But are all of the up-coming developments worth it? When it comes to 3D technology, the answer is a resounding yes.

What Makes 3D Technology So Good?

Whether your interest is in catching all the action from your favourite team’s latest football match, watching a new movie or getting the very best experience in gaming, the latest 3D technology could be one of the most exciting developments to improve your experience. In fact, much of the technology is already here, from the Nintendo 3DS and latest cinema releases in 3D to 3D-enabled TV sets and satellite boxes. 3D is all around us and already overtaking the most recent ‘must have’, HDTV.

3D TV works in a couple of different ways. The most modern and well-known technique is to display footage filmed in 3D using two cameras side by side. The other, perhaps less impressive, way is to use normal footage recorded in 2D and add on 3D effects later. To view any 3D films or shows you will need to have a pair of 3D glasses, much like the ones handed out when 3D films are on display in the cinema.

The End of 2D TV?

3D technology, though an exciting development, has not reached a very wide audience yet. 2D TV and gaming is still the main choice for the majority of people and will probably remain so for at least the next couple of years. With this in mind, the new 3D-TV sets available on the market will still allow you to view normal 2D TV. This gives consumers more choice and makes the transition slightly easier on their pockets.

Will 3D Technology Be Costly?

Right now, in this early stage of development, 3D technology can be expensive and the obvious price implications are making people wary of buying the new TV sets. TVs enabled with 3D on the market right now can range from around £1000 to up to £7000, which is quite an investment to make while the whole market is still changing. Possibly one of the biggest turn-offs is the additional cost of the specialist glasses that you will need to make viewing 3D possible. These glasses have complex wiring and a battery power source that can make them expensive to buy or replace. Although you generally get two pairs of glasses with your new TV set, if you want additional pairs for the rest of the family you may have to pay out up to £120 for each. This makes it tricky when you want to invite the boys around to watch the afternoon football match or have the girls over for a movie night.

Just Another Gimmick?

3D technology is expensive but is already quite popular and becoming more so. On the horizon, there are 3D Blu-Ray players coming on to the market and satellite channels being developed in 3D. There are even rumours of a 3D camera being developed. Though many innovations are still being trialled, the 3D movement is gaining momentum and looks likely to be the next technical breakthrough, such as the internet or texting, that we just can’t do without.
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