The Glory of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the use website and internet to look up for meanings and write about it. The most recent searches appear on the top of the search list, and more users will receive from search engine guides. This method covers video search, academic, local, image and news search.

The user of this method in internet marketing considers how the search tools work, search terms, what people mainly look for, which search tools they prefer and their target group. Optimising website includes editing text, coding to improve its relevance relating to keywords.


Optimising sites started in the 1990’s when catalogue was the first search engine on the web. Site owners identified the importance of having their pages highly regarded in the search outcome, hence bringing up the need for SEO practitioners.
According to web analyst Danny Sullivan the use of SEO came into the picture in 1997. The very first official documented use of SEO was John Audette.
The success of search engine was decided by its capability bring up most trusted results as per the search. Untrue results would have turned away users. Therefore it was of paramount importance that the search engines come up with more complex rating algorithms, while adding more features that were hard for webmasters to copy. Larry page together with Sergey Brin came up with a search engine that depended on mathematics to rank the web pages.
Larry and Sergey also founded Google in the year 1998. Google effectiveness and simplicity attracted many followers. By the year 2005, Google started to personalise search results, by crafting results of logged in users. This therefore ended the ranking of websites since every site was personalised.
Google search engine continued to develop from one stage to another, by February 2011, it came up with a tool called Panda update which penalises websites with duplicated content from other sources. This was further improved into Google Penguin tool in April 2012. This tool was meant to penalise websites which used unrecommended methods to improve their ratings via search engine.


Increasing prominence
A number of factors can increase the prominence of a website with the search results. Cross linking is one of the factors which would improve website’s prominence. Also using most searched word would also improve the webpage’s visibility. Another factor is updating the contents frequently; this will ensure that your website is among the top results of the search.


White hat and black hat methods
SEO methods are classified into two groups; the white hat and black hat methods. The white hat is said to produce results that last long while the black hat include those sites that are expected to be banned at one point either permanently or temporarily once their activities are found out. White hats therefore comply with search engine requires and does not use deception. Black hat on the other hand, tries to improve its ranks in disapproved ways and also involves deception in its contents.
Search engines are in a position to penalise those sites that use black hat style by either lowering their ranking or cancelling them from their listing in the database. The penalties are applicable automatically or manually by site review.

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