The CCIE and Cisco Network Storage Solutions

The CCIE-SN (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert Storage Networking) is considered the peak of professional Cisco certifications focused around their World leading Intelligent Storage Solutions. Only a small number of professionals worldwide have achieved the CCIE in any track and by having this qualification you will be come highly sort after in the field and be given some of the most challenging projects to work on.

What is a SAN (Storage Area Network)?

A SAN (Storage Area Network) is a network dedicated to servers, disk arrays and other data storage components making the data available to the wider network. Network storage solutions have evolved rapidly in the last decade becoming more complex and secure, allowing businesses to keep their data consolidated and access it from a variety of devices. Data security has become more and more important over the years with new Data Protection Laws coming into place worldwide, having a centralised SAN and Network Storage Solution means that all sensitive data can be stored in one place making it easier to protect and thus comply with these new laws.

What is an Intelligent Network Storage Solution?

Intelligent Network Storage Solutions are the next level in SAN and data storage solutions.  These provide a much more agile and streamlined data service and allow for more connectivity using intelligent devices such as intelligent switches and routers to share data across your network. A CCIE-SN qualified professional will has mastery over Cisco’s Intelligent Network Storage Solutions and will be able to design, implement, troubleshoot and maintain highly complex networks to a very high standard. If you want to get the best in Data Storage then hiring a CCIE-SN qualified professional will ensure you not only get the latest technology but it will optimised to your business needs and designed by the best in the field.

What’s involved in getting a CCIE-SN (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert – Storage Networking)?

In order to become a CCIE-SN (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert – Storage Networking) you will need to pass 2 two-hour written exams followed by an eight-hour in-depth lab examination. This certainly is no easy feat and it is highly recommended that you enrol on a classroom based or self-study course from a Cisco approved learning provider to support you during your studies and give you the best chance possible of passing.

What are the Prerequisites for the CCIE-SN Exams?

There are no prerequisites for taking the exams to gain the CCIE-SN. However as this is an Expert Level qualification Cisco advises that an individual is unlikely to pass the two exams without significant experience in the field (around 3-5 years) specialising in Storage Networking Solutions.

Where can I find out more information on the CCIE-SN?

More information on the CCIE-SN and all the other highly sort after Cisco certifications on Cisco’s Learning Website. It is well worth taking a look through the qualifications available to ensure you are pursuing the right level and right track for your personal career goals as if you are not ready for the CCIE (which is the highest qualification they offer for technical networking you might want to consider a certification at a lower level such as the CCNP, CCNA or CCENT.

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