The Best Mobile Security Solutions Out There

Mobile phones have in the recent past become a very important communication device. Some business use this devices to market their products and services and this has so far helped them to increase their market base significantly. Unfortunately, advancement in technology has led to the development of various malware and spyware that can compromise the functionalism of this gadget. Some of this security threats have the capacity to gather all your confidential information and later use it to commit crimes.

Fortunately, there are a number of mobile security solutions that can help safeguard your phone from this problem. Here are some of the best mobile security solutions available.

Memory Protection – This is one of the security solutions that helps to safeguard the phone’s operating system. This mechanism helps to prevent privilege escalation, that is, it helps to protect all the data stored in the gadgets memory from any manipulation.

Process Isolation Solution – This is a mechanism that is closely related to the computer’s antivirus mechanism. This solution acts as a Sandbox that captures all malicious applications and hinders them from launching any changes to your phone.

Antivirus Firewall – There is a number of accredited antivirus software that is specially designed for use in mobile phones. Since most of the malware get access to your files when you access information on the internet, this firewall has the capacity to recognize malicious application and prevent them from making any changes to your data. It’s recommendable to regularly use the antivirus to scan your phone so as to remove these unwanted applications. VPN can help to create a secure connection especially through the internet (more info about the VPN).

Visual Notifications – It’s now a proven fact that some of the malware have the capacity to initiate a call automatically without the consent of the phone’s owner. Some of the security solutions available have a visual notification mechanism that inform user of any suspicious functions that may occur such as calls or text messages.

Biometric Identification – This is by far one of the most convenient solution that helps to safeguard confidentiality of the phone. It works like a password, but this time your personal information is used as the password. This can include your finger prints hence one does not have to memorize a particular password.

Data Encryption – It’s possible to intercept data that is being spent from one mobile phone to another. However, data encryption helps to prevent this by using various encryption algorithms. Knowing the encryption procedure can significantly help protect your personal information from unauthorized persons.

Spam Filters – Most of the malicious software is sent via messages or emails. By incorporating a spam filter in your phone, you can be able to filter any messages that may contain this kind of applications.

Turing Test – As mentioned earlier, some malicious software can initiate some processes without the knowledge of the user. A Turing Test helps to differentiate between a virtual user and human by use of a Captcha.

Be sure to only install a mobile phone security solution that is compatible to your phone so as to enjoy the full benefits.

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