The Benefits of Using Human Resource Software

HR departments have a tough job. They are responsible for not only hiring and firing duties, but also must handle other essential tasks within a business. A human resources manager will typically handle all payroll related services and provide training to new and established employees. Depending on the size of the business, one or more individuals may be assigned to provide these services for your company.

If your human resources department is getting overwhelmed, it may be time to implement a human resources software program. According to the Small Business Administration, business owners spend an average of 7 to 25 percent of their time handling employee-related paperwork. Integrating a software program to handle these tasks will save both time and money.

Implementing Human Resources Software

To choose the type of program to use, find out what services are required and what solutions are available. For instance, if you want software to simply handle payroll duties, choose a program that will manage check processing, withholdings and benefit calculations.

For a more comprehensive software package, choose programs that offer training tracking statistics, vacation calendars, sick day tracking, health recordkeeping and employee appraisals. The size of your organization, current number of employees and projected growth will help narrow down software selections.

Most software programs are simple to install and use. With a short learning curve, most HR departments will be able to use the program very quickly. Software solutions also include import and export tools in order to convert spreadsheet files and other documents into the program. For more complex programs, online and in-person training is typically offered by the software provider.

Benefits of Human Resource Management Software

If you have only a limited number of staff handling human resources duties, this will free them up to handle jobs that can’t be automated, like employee conflict resolution and company-wide events. You could only require one person to manage HR duties for the company with the assistance of a dedicated management program.

A human resource management system is ideal for most HR departments. A software program will streamline filing and allow employees to bring up pertinent information in a timely fashion. There will no longer be time wasted on searching for employee files or essential training information. Going paperless can also help keep the business environmentally friendly.

Software programs also permit employees to take an active role in managing their HR record. Mid-sized businesses may permit employees to send requests or access their file in order to track vacation time and sick days.

Your outsourcing needs can also be reduced with the integration of human resources software. As an example, many of the programs perform tax filing services which will reduce the workload on accountants. Instead of poring over complicated forms, you can have your software simply fill them in for you.

With the numerous benefits of this type of software, it’s an essential addition to any company’s budget. By allowing the HR department to work more efficiently, costs and time spent on basic business functions are reduced. A good HR management suite is worth the money, time and effort it takes to procure.


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