Ten Most Commonly Used Ways of Generating Traffic Towards a Blog

It is very easy to start a blog, but the hard part is to attract traffic towards it, and then maintain this consistency in the traffic. There are no set ways of attracting traffic towards a blog, as they vary from blog to blog.

However, there are some general ways, which a business or an online marketing company can use to attract traffic. The ways mentioned below are the prevalent general ways, adopted by bloggers to attract traffic.

Shareable Content– The first way in which you can attract high traffic is by creating shareable content. The content that is widely shared and consequently attract traffic can be in the form of:

  • Inforgraphics
  • Videos
  • Statistical and factual information

Participation- You can also attract traffic by participating in the communities of your targeted audience. You can search for different forums where your targeted audience can be found, and then try to build a reputation by participating on such forums. Once reputed, you will get traffic.

SEO Friendly Content- Instead of you looking for targeted audience, it will find you if you have SEO friendly content. Your targeted audience will directly come to your blog from search engine, if your content is well optimized.

Social Media- Social media is another way to increase your blog traffic substantially. The users of different social media platforms are:

So, if your content gets shared on these  platforms, it will attract a never ending stream of traffic.

Use of Analytics- The implementation of Google Analytics on your blog is another great way to attract traffic. With analytics, you can keep check on the source of traffic, and the potential traffic sources. With the help of this information, you can easily target the traffic sources.

Illustrations- The use of graphics and photos makes the blog interesting hence more traffic. In addition to traffic, photos can also help in link building. You can embed your link in the photo and make it free for sharing on the condition of backlinks. This way you get links, as well as traffic.

Keyword Research- Before writing on any topic, a comprehensive keyword research will increase the chances of traffic, the more apt the selection of keyword, the more chances of increased traffic.

Guest Blogging- Guest blogging can also attract great traffic. In addition to guest blogging yourself, accept the posts of others as well.

Website Design- The more beautiful your site design is the more it will retain and attract new traffic.

Q&A Sites- The Q&A sites due to the frequent involvement of users can also help attract great traffic. Therefore, try to participate as much possible in Q&A websites.

In short, there are many other ways to attract traffic towards the blog, but the above mentioned are prevalent and most commonly used ways of attracting traffic to a blog.

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