Ten Easy Ways to Optimize Home Theatres

A custom, home theatre PC is often a labor of love. This seemingly, never-ending project can be optimized in so many ways. From plug-ins to synchronization, the home theatre PC can be every bit as powerful and entertaining as any expensive set-up.


1. Plug-Ins 
Utilizing plug-ins is a great way to optimize home theatre systems. There is a lot of great content on XBMC. There are plug-ins available for playing Netflix, Pandora and even Blu-Rays. Skins can be downloaded to customize the look of one’s home theatre.

2. Organization

It is so easy to download a ton of plug-ins and skins. It is important to start organizing early. It is so easy to begin with an organized system of folders. Waiting until the disorganization is too far gone can make organizing a nightmare.

3. TV Tuner

Adding a TV Tuner is a great way to make a custom home theatre PC much more versatile. This is an especially good idea for those that no longer subscribe to cable television providers. This allows users to watch live television, and even record shows.

4. Automatic Downloader

An automatic downloader will make sure recently aired shows are never missed. An automatic downloader such as BitTorrent or Usenet can ensure favorite shows are downloaded as soon as they air.

5. User-Friendly

It is important to make the home theatre user-friendly. Roommates and spouses will appreciate this. It shouldn’t take a technical wizard to operate the television.

6. Universal Remotes

One universal remote is all anybody really needs. Having a bunch of remotes leaves a coffee table looking cluttered. Losing one of those remotes can also be incredibly inconvenient. Having everything integrated into one remote is crucial. There are many different options available for universal remotes. Smart phones can even be programmed as remotes.

7. Streamlined Integration

An old tower with tons of wires sticking out of it is unsightly. Towers should be hidden in furniture for a clean look. IKEA furniture is incredibly well suited for integration of home theatre towers. Finding an entertainment system to house the home theatre can be done rather quickly. Some modifications may be necessary to house all of the equipment and wires.

8. Power-Up

Turning on the home theatre can be a real pain. Rather than actually going all the way to the system to turn it on, a Wake-on-LAN system can start it wirelessly. The system can be started without even entering the entertainment room.

9. Synchronize 

Nobody watches television in just one room. Synchronizing the home theatre system with other televisions in the house is crucial. Sometimes, it may be necessary to stop a favorite show, and resume it in another room. This may seem like a tall order for many people with custom home theatres. Synchronizing XBMC in every room in the house is possible.

10. Video Games

Video games make the custom home theatre complete. The fully optimized, custom, home theatre plays music, movies, television shows and video games. All it takes is another plug-in. XBMC can be made into a fully functional game console. Nearly any type of game can be played on the home theatre system. Getting rid of all of those clunky, old, game consoles will be the best part of this optimization.

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