Technology Jobs While Travelling

There used to be a clear cut sort of choice to be made about your future employment.  On the one hand you could do something exciting like work on a cruise ship, run away with the circus or clean the windows on skyscrapers in those little boxes which always get into some sort of trouble in comedy movies.

Then there is the other option; to do something stable. As stable in this case is just another way of saying boring the first option remains the most enticing one for most of us. Ah, but hold on a second, isn’t there talk of technological advances which could give us the best of both worlds?

No Singing or Serving Skills?

In this case we are talking about cruise ships. If you have never felt the urge to get up on stage and sing or to serve in a restaurant then you probably have never thought about this as a serious, stable career choice. However, the growing trend for making cruise ships more and more technologically advanced means that there is now a chance out carry out the kind of job you might be interested in and do it while you travel the seven seas.

A quick look online will show you that there are loads of cruise jobs on the go right now. The industry is currently on the up and this shows with the amount of staff being recruited at the moment. In amongst the vacancies for comedians, dishwashers and aerobics teachers you will also find positions for information systems managers, sound and lighting technicians and computer hardware technicians.

Take Your Work on your travels With You

People often have the idea that techies live and work in dusky rooms, surrounded by flashing lights and bizarre pieces of throbbing electrical equipment. Just imagine the look on the faces of your friends and family when you tell them that you will be working on IT stuff in the Caribbean, in the Mediterranean or on cruises from Southampton.

It sounds almost too good to be true to be honest but there is no doubt that the opportunities are for real. As well as the chance to work while travelling around the globe you also get to work in a fast moving and ever changing industry. There are lots of new advances on cruise ships and there is talk of far more to come in the near future too. The kind of experience gained on this sort of position could stand you in really good stead for the rest of your career. Even if you eventually decide to settle down in one place and work in one of those dusky rooms you will have learned a lot and lived out some amazing experiences while you are at it.

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