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Giving Facetime to Desktime

The Windy City is known for many things: Navy Pier, the Chicago hotel and shopping landscape along the Magnificent Mile and the best pizza this side of the Mississippi. Now, Chi-Town is gaining notoriety for something else: innovative startups. Sam Rosen, the head of web development firm One Design Company, also manages the 5,500 square […]

HP Mini 1103

Netbooks are always competing with each other in terms of price. Functionality is alright but 99% of people use these just for word processing and spreadsheets. When it comes to price, nothing can go lower than the $300 HP Mini 1103. Speed is neglected but some features make up for it.   The HP Mini […]

How to Choose a Webhost

A webhost is a business that offers users the ability to create their own web pages. These web pages may be for personal reflection and sharing, or they may be a crucial means of promoting operating a business. If you are browing around for a webhost, there some important features that you will want to […]