Stay organized and build relationship Free Webinar: 5 Simple Steps to Building

Building relationship is integral to real estate industry. For the realtors who are struggling hard to stay in touch with past clients, prospective clients or the significant referral sources, the free real webinar conducted by IXACT Contact Solutions Inc. will be a great relief. The webinar will be held on December 12th, 2013, Thursday. In North America, they are a leading real estate CRM and marketing software through email. IXACT Contact is a user friendly web based CRM that helps the realtors to be organized in their business and build a relationship with their past clients, the hot shots and the important referrals.

They provide convenient solutions to the realtors on how they can be in touch with their clients in a more personalized way and in regular intervals. The webinar will provide the realtors with easy solutions to overcome these issues. This webinar will give simple and easy methods to the realtors to build a good relationship with their client base. The issues that will be covered in the webinar are how a realtor can keep in touch with their clients by using a monthly auto generated electronic Newsletter. How they can remember the birthdays of their clients and wish them and also send a note to them on their anniversary of occupying the property.

The realtors will be helped on how to spot the big shots and potential customers from their client base and how to prioritize them. Another important aspect that will be touched in the webinar is that how the realtors can be better organized and can have control of the activities that are associated with the potential clients and the ongoing real estate deals. This webinar is completely free of cost, and the realtors are encouraged to register fast for it as there is space crunch.

Rich Gaasenbeek, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of IXACT Contact has stated that through this webinar, they shall share helpful tips and guidance to the realtors, on the ways they can build a strong and long lasting relationship with their sphere of influence. Rich also stated that they will help the realtors in organizing their activities and help them to get more lead in the business. He has urged the realtors that if they want to improve their business and turnover, they can sign up for the webinar.

The webinar can be featured through RE Technology. This is a leading portal for real estate technology that assimilates the MLS systems North America. IXACT Contact consistently contributes to this site. One of the IXACT Contact’s customers, Scott Cooper who is attached with Keller Williams Experience Realty stated that, with their service, he can communicate with his clients better, and his business is getting bigger as now he is even getting deals from his previous clients. Now he can manage more clients in an organized way. He has also stated that he is earning annually $50,000 to $75,000 which is considerably high than what he was earning previously.

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