Sharing Rental Property With A Friend? Technology Can Help You In That

After high school or college, young boys and girls travel to different places for their career development. So if a bunch of friends plan to further study in the same city, they can jointly rent a property to stay so that it’s easier on the financial side as well as on the Psychological side. Finances are benefited if two friends share the advance money and the rent, because in a new city it’s easier to stay with a close buddy than strangers. Roommates are great to stay with, if they are of same age and field whereas it’s really difficult if they are unknown and scowling faced. In some houses, the maintenance is done by those who live in the apartment rather than the owner, in these cases it’s not easy to afford the maintenance cost and also the living costs alone. Thus a sharing partner reduces the burden of living costs.

When a house is rented through a flatmate app, the flexibility of staying together or not is much more as compared to buying a house together. It’s not easy to move away as the mortgage is on both names. Further if one of the roommates is not able to pay the monthly installments, both the partners are affected as the papers have both their signatures and their credit history is hampered.

Technology can assist the landlord in saving energy in the apartment which might further benefit the tenants and make the property more attractive and thus costly. The apps that can help the landlord are:

Thermostat technology- In this the temperature of the apartment can be controlled. If no one is in the house, there is an app which helps in closing all heating systems thus saving money.

Stand by Buster- the stand by buster plug helps to switch off those electrical appliances connected to it through a remote control. There are certain plugs connected to the remote control so that all the switches can be handled by just pressing the off button.

Bio bulb- It uses 75% less energy than ordinary bulb and thus brings the electric bills lower.

Automatic Radiator Bleeder- This helps in release of the built up air in the radiator thus making the heating system of the house more efficient.

Home Energy Monitor-These are small gadgets to discover which home appliance is using the greatest amount of energy and thus one can reduce its use.

Nest away homes are fully furnished with TV, washing machine, bed, sofa, fridge, gas and stove. They do not make any maintenance issues and thus the roommates can stay in the apartments tension-free. There are several houses available all over the city in which living is really fun with Nestaway.  Such a house in Bangalore comes with a security deposit of Rs. 13,000 and rent of Rs. 6,500, and provides a 3 BHK apartment with a balcony.

Thus sharing a rental property with a friend and that too being technology efficient can be the best choice ever.

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