Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date And Features Possibilities

Every year we see improvement and technology in Smartphone. Every year we have a new gift of technology in our hands.   The last quarter of 2014 was good for the Smartphone companies and some of them are testing their new flagship of the decade. Well, there is a hint that Samsung is also going to release Samsung Galaxy Note 5 soon. Galaxy series is pretty excitement and people desperately wait for the next launch. Samsung has never disappointed its customers and has always offered something new to its fans. Based on the rumors we have assumed some specifications and release date of the upcoming Smartphone.

Release Date

In the April Samsung galaxy S5 was released. This phone was amazing without any doubt and also fulfilled fans desires. Galaxy note was also another pretty launch   but not revolutionary.  Extreme technology was not experienced. Galaxy S6 is also released release so we cannot expect Note 5 very early, it will release after three months at least. Thus it leads its entry to the 2015. There is one more possibility that Samsung might launch its new flagship in the last quarter of 2015. There is a huge competition in the market and it is forcing every brand to bring something new, effective and before the schedule.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date And Features Possibilities

A new rumor is also going in the market that Samsung might launch its galaxy series with a new name. Let’s see till any official announcement it is hard to say what is going to happen.

Specifications and Features

The rumor is that the Smartphone will have the most advanced hardware of the millennium.  The hardware specifications will be touching the limits.  The phone is expected to have 4GB RAM it is enough memory to save all your official documents. You can have access to your files and important documents on the go. The display is going to be unique and new.  Samsung is definitely going to satisfy the needs of its fans with unique features with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch. It is going to have a 3D display and much more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be out soon so you should make all the necessary arrangements to purchase this phone. It is going to be the most advanced phone of the decade. The price of the phone is not announced yet. According to the rumors and assumption made by observing the specifications, it is going to be an expensive phone. You will have to spend a little out of the budget to have Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in your pocket. It is an investment towards the convenience of your life. There are some advanced features that are going to ease your everyday stress of managing things. This is the one best phone, which you must have. But Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected to release in 2015 last quarter till then we can make financial arrangements to get it.

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