Royal Caribbean Put an iPad in Every Cabin

There are some things in life which just seem like a perfect match. Would bread be the same without butter? And who can imagine driving without the radio on? Now it seems like the latest top combination to try out is a cruise ship stateroom with an iPad.


The company behind this idea is Royal Caribbean International, and the tablets will be getting to the Splendour of the Seas during the first months of 2012. After this the company will roll them out to all of their Vision class ships over a period of two years or so, this will cover Baltic Cruises, Caribbean Cruises and most Cruises from Southampton.


So what will you be able to do with your onboard iPad? Well, they will offer the daily listing of events and activities and can be used to detail the personal itinerary of the person using it. The all important restaurant menus will be on there, the internet is waiting to be explored and moves can be watched.


Royal Caribbean International say that they are adding the iPads to their ships to “greatly enhance communication, interactivity and to continue to offer industry leading technology”. This is just part of list of the refurbishments being done to the Splendour of the Seas, and if you ever get a chance to travel on this ship it is going to be a tremendous option for a bit of style and luxury.


Those who have not yet been on a cruise ship might also be interested in the following list of the top technology items they might come across when they first set sail.


A Flat Screen TV


These are clever space savers in the cabins and they also look great. If you are in a cabin which doesn’t have a view then you might find that this is set up to show sea based images so you don’t forget that you are on board a ship. The telly will probably also include the itineraries and shore trips which are now going to be covered by those iPads.


On Demand Videos


You probably won’t set out expecting to watch a lot of videos, but it can be a smart way to pass a few hours in the evening. You might even get lucky and come across a movie you had been hoping to see.


Wi–Fi Access


You don’t want to be completely cut off from the world when you are sailing. Being able to hook up to the internet is a very good way of staying in touch, sending pictures home and finding something to do in the evenings as well. There is also talk of smart phones being enabled to let them do everything from open your cabin door to order your dinner. Another possibility we might hear about in the future is that of biometrics being used so that only authorised guests can get access to the cabins and other parts of the ship.

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