Print Your T-shirt using a new technique

If you want to promote your business or organization or any event, there could be no other way better than printing on a t-shirt. It is not just a style statement, but a statement that becomes a mass sound crossing the limited barrier of style.

Now, the question for you is, how would you get that job done? In this post we are going to tell you about that. You can use Adobe illustrator which will help you to create a three color screen print. So, before finalizing it you can check whether the creation matches perfectly with your idea.

Now, we should tell you that you cannot get your likewise from every printer. So, it is better for you to understand your printer at the beginning so that your time behind the work does not go in vein.

When you are ready to do something new, you should get cozy with the techniques. There are three techniques, ‘Trap’, ‘knockout’ and ‘overprint’. The Overprint technique is the easiest among all other t-shirt screen printing techniques as this one creates new colors which may help you to jump to another idea.

But you surely want that your work meets a class that cannot be compared to anybody. Therefore, you need some preparation. You need to create an artwork file and then move on step by step. Let’s take a look at the steps you should follow:

You can create layers for each color. They would produce a separate artwork in a separate layer. Then you can easily take them on screen printer and manage them likewise. All you need to ensure that the order of the colors you have used is correct.

1) Creating a back-ground color layer would give you a better result. It would make the artwork or the logo or message look prompt and clear so that it can draw attention at the first glance.

2) The excess objects may create a problem when you are trying to make the top layer look prompt. You can keep the outlines or shadows of those pictures to design them later.

3) Set an outline for the strokes that you would use on the graphics. Then use spot colors on them. You can choose your preferable spot color from the Swatch window.

4) Now you can choose the Offsets from setting the size from the Offset Path. It would help you to create a shadow in the pictures. If you want then you can create illusions with them also.

5) By Pantone Matching System you can set the spot colors. You can get a number of choices for spot colors which you can use in many shades likewise.

6) Now you can check the separations before you move for Overprint. Once you are sure that there is no more problem with your artwork, your creation is ready to get saved as a PDF file format. When you will send it to somewhere or someone, it would be better to send it in a JPEG format.

After all these, when a good printer checks your files, you would get to know whether the artwork has approved for use or not. Now, before the conclusion we should say, there are a lot other techniques to create T-shirt screen printing using a T-shirt printer. But before you start, you need to understand the printer as that would be a vital stand for a successful project.

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