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One of the biggest concerns that online businesses have to contend with is the amount of traffic, i.e. visitors to their websites. Without exposure, a website will be of little use to a business owner. As a means to market their products/services online, most business owners will subscribe to pay-per-click click programs and other online marketing schemes. A successful marketing campaign should be able to generate leads, and provide consistent traffic, well into the future. It is for this reason that you should consider a web traffic statistics service, such as OneStat, which will enable you to determine the validity of referrals and the return on investment (ROI).

Ecommerce websites frequently have to employ very elaborate marketing campaigns, such as pay per click, newsletters, etc, in order to generate traffic. The only problem is, business owners may not be fully aware of the effective of these programs, in terms of generating sales. Specifically designed for ecommerce, OneStat will allow you to manage your marketing campaign, by monitoring click-fraud, compute costs, and determine your ROI.  Some of the features offered by OneStat include:

Analytical reports:
web traffic is nothing if it doesn’t result in sales. Therefore, OneStat is able to provide analytical reports that make it easy for you to understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. For instance, you get reports on conversion by campaign, domains, keywords, traffic by country, etc. in our review, the main reason we found that puts OneStat one step ahead of the competition is that this reports can be used to determine the correlation between referral traffic and actual sales. It can also track the leads generated from newsletter subscriptions and other such email related marketing schemes.

Track click fraud:
this system is designed to be highly intuitive and able to detect click fraud, through pay per click programs. It does this by checking the number of clicks generated by a pay per click program, and the sales generated thereafter. If no sales are generated, you should look for a different or more effective pay per click service provider. It also confirms the clicks per country and time period spent.

Technical support:
to make it easy for users to understand and make use of their system properly, OneStat offers a round-the-clock technical support team, accessible through telephone and email.

OneStat offers various packages designed for small business owners and big enterprises, which offer practical resource to monitor web traffic, at a reasonable cost per package

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