Midnight Fun

Starting the engine of her car, leaving all the worries behind having happy spirits inside of the body. Having a passion for doing something without any stress and worries. Giving time to her mind to run back to old times, where she never had to be self-conscious about her self. Starting her journey without knowing the destination, just hoping for the good. Opening windows of her vehicle letting the soothing and sweet wind along with the sense of freshness and freedom, touching her face making her hair run messy. Sometime later she stops, sitting under the sky watching the clouds walk away in the sky realizing how much she had changed, which makes her lose her freedom.

The night becomes more dark making her feel anxious that after some time again the sun will arise and again she will go back to her reality fighting all the problems, facing all the people she doesn’t like. But she knew that it’s important to live in the moment. She ignores all the anxiousness and starts to admire the beauty of nature. Long grass tingling her feet making her giggle like a little baby girl, her feet become wet from the tiny droplets on the grass. The sky starts getting brighter as the sun gives its signal of arrival, the sky becomes a mixture of different colors. Her surrounding becomes so mesmerizing as if she’s in heaven, the chirping sounds of birds were feeling like if they were worshipping god. That day the sun arises with the new hope born inside her heart to starts her day with more determination, more dignity, and more discipline.

Written by Dua Naveed

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