iPod 5- An Ultimate Desire Of The World

Apple has always shown the world that how much it is improving itself for meeting the needs of the customers. It has never advertised about its upgraded products. The reason is that; it wants to let the users themselves explore the provided features. It also wants to gain an insight about the customer’s wants and desires, in terms of feedback. iPod 5 is the result of such an effort made by Apple.

iPod 5 has become an ultimate desire of almost every people. It has gorgeous design and unmatchable style. Its classical design gives elegant and beautiful look. Users of iPod 5 have unique style statement. It has shiny black body, which gives a silky look. The screen of iPod 5 is 2 inches bigger than the original iPod. It is also much thinner and slightly wider in shape. It allows to store almost 7,500 songs, 12,000 photos and 75 hours of videos.

The screen of the iPod 5 is of 2.5 inches. It has resolution of 320 x 240; that makes the videos attractive and appealing. Though, the screen is not big enough to enjoy the long movies, but still, it presents the clear and smooth motions.

The audio quality of iPod 5G has improved a lot. The music can be heard much clearer and cleaner. Apple has really worked hard in making the sound quality better, without the need of plugging in the headphones. The photo features of iPod 5 are almost same as that of iPod 4. Yet, the big display screen makes it more attractive and clearer. It also allows users to view the pictures as a slide show.

There are very few knobs and buttons available over the latest iPod 5. It has a Click Wheel with four buttons at every corner and one button in the centre of the Wheel. Even extra button for switching off the iPod 5 is not available. For turning it off, users have to hold the pause button for several seconds. Volume can be adjusted with the help of the Wheel movement that is why; there is no use of additional volume button. On the top edge of the device, there is a hold switch and a headphone jack. On the bottom edge of the devise, there resides the computer’s USB port that can connect the device with the computer.

People have craze to download music albums, songs, movies, games and other astonishing applications from the different stores. iTunes is considered to be the favorite of many users. iPod 5 gives better connectivity with the third party software like iTunes. It manages the song collections and avoids duplication of data. The management of the playlist is also pretty good over the iPod 5.

The battery life of iPod 5 is 14 hours, if moderately used. With videos, the battery life decreases to 2 hours. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that the battery of iPod cannot be replaced. That is why; it must be handled with special care.

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