Incorporating Email Newsletters and Your Website

Your website has a particular look and feel to it. This has been developed based upon your brand and target demographic as well as the product or service that is offered. When sending out anything else to customers or target markets, make sure that look and feel is continued. Email marketing can be very effective, but if it doesn’t look anything like your website, your customers may disregard your important message as spam.

If you don’t want marketing messages or email newsletters to end up in someone’s trash bin, make sure it looks the same as your website. Chances are, they’ve been on your website enough to know what it looks like by memory. If you suddenly start sending emails with a different look, it can confuse the message that you are trying to send.

Working on your company’s brand will help establish it prominently in the industry. The same colors, the same designs and the same logo across all fronts of the company will help build a unified marketing message and company reputation. This will help keep the company in the forefront of people’s minds. When they see the company van, a business card, the website or mobile page and even email newsletters, they will be able to identify the company that they have grown to trust.

Email newsletters are a great way to get people to the company website and social media profiles. If there is activity on one and not on the others, simply tell your customers (or potential customers) about what else is out there. When you have taken the time to theme everything alike, your message will be portrayed easier and customers are likely to click to see what’s going on.

If your user clicks on a link from your email and are taken to a website that looks completely different, one of two things are going to happen: they’ll be confused or they’ll disregard the email as spam.

Neither one of these options are going to have the desired effect. It is why the design must be a single, coherent design through all marketing strategies.

All emails will be better received by customers if they come from a company with a cohesive brand. You’ve worked hard to come up with a marketing message or newsletter to attract customers’ attention, but it can all be lost if you don’t maintain a positive image. There is too much competition out there to confuse and lose customers over something as simple as not building a unified brand.

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