HTML5- What Website Designers Hate The Most?

The need to cope up with changing technologies is always the part of a website designer’s life. HTML5 is the most used markup language these days for web design. Keeping this in mind, here are some propositions the website designers really dislike while working using this platform.

Using Multiple Media Tags

The audio and video tags are good but the necessity of encoding the video in WebM, H.264 and Ogg Theora to work in HTML5 browsers is nasty. In addition, it will require Flash for IE6 IE7and IE8. So why use the video tag at all?

Validation Tools- Slow and Time Consuming

Yes, it is true most of the things in HTML5 are rosy but not all. Previously Firefox extension i.e. HTML validator was used to test a web page for any kind of issues in the markup when viewed in the browser. Now there are few other HTML5 validation tools but most are beta versions and requires submission to an online service making the process quite cumbersome. Further, your editor I bet will not be fully supporting HTML5, CSS3 and the new JavaScript APIs.

Browser Compatibility Issues

The most frantic thing about HTML5 is its diverse range of implementation phases. For using HTML5, on-going document consulting, and code testing is a necessity. For instance, for a very basic date input field Opera displays a cool calendar picker. IE displays a boring text box. Firefox, Chrome, and Safar can understand a date is required offering basic controls and validation.

Misconceptions and Disorders

HTML5 is such hype these days that it’s being applied to any kind of web effect creating a lot of disorders on the developers side. For instance, at times, effects actually achieved with CSS3 or JavaScript API’s is considered be the result of using HTML. Some do not try HTML5 at all considering W3C specifications still at its drafts stage. Some do not consider it because they are supporters of old browsers. Furthermore, CSS3 vendor prefixes have caused other problems that require fixing.

All this is not to outweigh the benefits of HTML5. HTML5 has no doubt so many benefits and you need to switch to it quickly if you are still thinking. However, keep in mind that the code will not always work as you have expected it to be on every browser that is HTML5 friendly. Being a website designer providing professional web design services to your clients should be your goal and to fulfill this you must be aware of every changing technology and its hacks.

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