Website Review is a website by the Discovery Channel and is sort of a hub for all the things shown in the show as well as other things that are relevant to the show’s theme. The site does not post instructions on how to make things, that is a totally different show. The purpose of the site is to show visitors an extensive library of posts that describe how things operate. These things range from complicated factory machinery to normal household tools and machines you would otherwise normally ignore.

Seeing how it is made by the Discovery Channel, its main aim is to educate the viewers and cater to individuals who appreciate the knowledge of how things work. There is no need to sign up and no need to pay. The site integrates with facebook, so you can leave comments about certain posts which interest you. There are plenty of interesting things on the website that will certainly broaden your knowledge about the plethora of topics they’ve got available. The site contains quizzes and trivia to test your knowledge as well as expand it. It also features games which range from miscellaneous games to downloadable little games just for fun. You may also subscribe to podcasts to stay up to date with the latest topics and trends.

The Discovery Channel does a good job of extending its viewer base by using the internet as a means to both inform people and show them what the channel has to offer. The site is a wonderful addition to everyone’s everyday web experience; a fan, such as I, would appreciate its content and the wide variety of information it can impart.  You could easily lose track of time if the site really interests you; it is a great way to kill time on the web, like there aren’t enough already. is a great website for anyone who has the hunger for knowledge about the most complex to the most mundane things around us. It is a great venue to expand one’s knowledge as well as to connect with various other people who are interested in the same things. Everyone with enough sense will enjoy what has to offer, not just the Discovery Channel fan. There are plenty of ways to learn new stuff on the site, though the Discovery Channel never fails to remind us to watch the full versions of certain videos on television. It is a worthwhile distraction, and makes science fun even for the most casual of audiences.

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