How to set Arduino Shield IoT ROHM AAC

Comment set ROHM Arduino IoT Sensor Shield AAC How-ToHow to set Arduino Shield IoT ROHM AAC How-To

The assessment kit contains an Arduino price in pakistan shield, enabling you to plug in the 8 sensor modules to construct the platform you need for everything you design. The sensor modules include an accelerometer, a pressure sensor, a video sensor, a light sensor, a colour sensor, a heart rate sensor, a hall sensor and a heat sensor.

The shield has 8 slots: two analogue, one GPIO and five I2C, but six of the I2C sensors will prohibit you from using all 8 modules simultaneously. However, you just attach the sensors and pull the example code into the Arduino IDE to use the sensors that you like.

For example, to track the temperature in the temperature sensor module, upload the example code to Arduino and retrieve the data from the serial monitor. I just plug in these sensors and drag the example code in a single file if I want to add more. I’m going to instal a presion sensor, an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a

I copied the corresponding bits and made some readability tweaks on the IDE, but that’s mostly just copying and pasting. So I can upload it, then check the serial monitor and you can first see all data and then the data. One thing to remember is that the pressure sensor is fitted with an integrated temperature sensor to counteract temperature, and there is a small difference between the temperature measured and the temperature sensor reading.

So I have a platform where I can test sensors and start prototyping very easily in a matter of a couple of minutes mostly consist of plugging in modules and loading example code. In this example I used an Arduino for convenience, but of course the kit is compatible for other platforms like mbed that use the footprint of the Arduino Shield.

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