How to Choose a Webhost

A webhost is a business that offers users the ability to create their own web pages. These web pages may be for personal reflection and sharing, or they may be a crucial means of promoting operating a business. If you are browing around for a webhost, there some important features that you will want to investigate before making your decision.

Feature #1: Availability

Some webhosts have fairly frequent periods of down time for the purpose of maintenance. Look for a webhost that outlines its policies concerning shut-downs, as well as the number of hours or minutes of available uptime that are guaranteed on a monthly or yearly basis.

Feature #2: Disk Space

The amount of disk space that you will need for your web page depends on how simple or elaborate the page will be. If your page primarily consists of text and a few images, you may need only about 40KB of space. However, if you plan to post many images, videos or downloadable files, you’re going to need more disk space. Check to see what packages a webhost offers, as most webhosts present several options. Look for a webhost that will provide the disk space that you will need for a price that you can afford.

Feature #3: User Friendly Design Options

If setting up a web page through a particular webhost is labor intensive, you may want to look elsewhere. Opt for a webhosting service that offers beginner tutorials and an intuitive design process. Creating your web page doesn’t have to be a difficult process. You also should look for design options that are visually appealing. If a webhost’s design options are simply unattractive, you may lose some of your prospective audience.

Feature #4: Payment Option Flexibility

How you pay for a webhost’s services is an important part of your overall deal. Read the fine print concerning contract agreements. If you only want to use a service for four months, for instance, you should look for a monthly payment plan rather than a yearly one.

Feature #5: Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most essential aspects of choosing the right webhost. Call, email or engage in live chat with the customer service division of a webhost that you are investigating. You may have technical questions or problems once you launch your webpage, and a speedy customer service response time can be critical. Immediate help is always best, but you may be able to get by with a response within 24 hours.

Shop around before you choose a webhost for your personal or business needs. Investigating these important features of potential webhosts prior to making your decision will help you to find the best webhost for you.


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