How Technology Can Take the Strain Out of Travel?

Anyone who, like me, can remember what a family holiday was like a few years ago will appreciate that things are now a lot easier and more comfortable than ever before. Here are a few examples of problems which I ran into in the past and which have now been solved.

Delayed Flights

Ok, so technology is hardly likely to stop take off being delayed, is it? However, what intelligent ticketing systems can do is tell you about the delay before you even get to the airport. Had this existed a few years before then I might have avoided one of the most boring and uncomfortable nights of my life in Heathrow Airport. By the way, I can reveal that rucksacks do not make good pillows and that you can only hear so many airport announcements before simultaneously losing both your sanity the will to live.

Information Anywhere

Several times in my travels I have found myself stranded, lost or simply baffled. In fact, I don’t really need to stray very far from home for one of these states to kick in. With my smartphone near to me I will never be stranded or lost again. That is a bit of a bold statement but the huge amount of information we can now access on the go means that there is always help to hand. As for being baffled, with augmented reality apps I can now see the world around me in more detail. Never again will I need to sidle up to a native and tentatively ask, “Is that the Eiffel Tower / Vatican / Ocean?”

 I No Speak Your Language

Ah, the joys of the language barrier. It can actually be quite fun at times to not know what anyone around you is saying and to know that they don’t understand you. Trying to order a hamburger and getting given a goat sandwich isn’t that great though, is it? Actually, I’ve experienced some pretty amazing new foods this way, but I have also taken wrong turns, ended up in shady hotels and even lost a shirt simply because the language was a mystery to me. Now I can use translation tools on the move to get my point across. Up until now my only hope had been to speak very loudly and hope that this would help non English speakers suddenly grasp what I was saying to them.

Meet Up with People

Do you remember when trying to meet someone in a foreign city was a logistical nightmare? In fact, as soon as you left the comfort of your home you were pretty much impossible to contact. Nowadays you can locate your friend as easy as you like using your phone or laptop. By the way, if you ever bump into my friend John in Madrid then let him know that I couldn’t make it across back in 1980.

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