How Students Can Earn Money Online During Lockdown

Over the past few months, almost everything in the world is on pause, making life difficult. The reason is that everything that people used to do in their daily routine is not there anymore. There is depression everywhere and many people who get infected with the disease are held in isolation to get cured, away from their loved ones which add to the negativity. Apart from that, many people were not able to make it because coronavirus attacks people who do not take the necessary precautions and hence, get infected.

In such a situation, schools, offices, recreational areas, malls, and many other places have closed down and people are confined in their homes. Students are advised to carry on with their classes using online media and people who are still employed are asked to work from home. In such a situation, the good thing is that students can take more time to make some extra money online. All you need to do is have a high-speed and reliable internet connection like CenturyLink internet service and the will to work and make money. Here are a few things that you might be able to do and earn some extra money

Running Short Errands (Take necessary precautions and maintain Social Distancing)

For people who want to earn by running different errands for people who cannot go to the malls to shop for groceries or if you can run errands posted by “Senders”.  These tasks include dog walking, mowing the lawn, and other tasks that people can’t do by themselves because of lack of time, expertise, or the energy needed to get done with these tasks.  There are websites that hire such people and pay them for as many tasks or assignments that they can do.  You can look at platforms like TaskRabbit as start off as one of the Taskers. This can include tasks like doing groceries, dropping donations, cleaning the house, lifting heavy things in your home, and many other tasks.

Sell Photographs

Many online platforms allow users to sell their photos and prints online. If you are a photographer and have some really crisp photographs to sell online, you can use different platforms like Shutterstock and many other platforms that allow photographers to earn money and take ownership of their pictures. Also, photographers can set a certain price for their pictures and build a niche photography business for themselves and earn an ample amount of money. Another way of selling your pictures online is to get them printed on canvas and merchandise like shirts, mugs, and many other items.

Start a Blog

This is one of the trending cultures that many students are getting involved in. It is not only very profitable but a very fun thing to do as well. To start a blog, you need to be a little creative at creating some crisp content that can go viral online. Moving further, this can become one of the ways people can start with their own business and earn money online. After launching your blog or a niche website, the next step is to figure out which products and companies can get associated with you and partner with as affiliates to get products for selling online. It might take a little time and a considerable effort to get yourself a life-changing career using the internet.

Start Off Freelance Writing

If you think that you are good at writing and have a portfolio with you, you can get some amazing writing work as a freelancer. There are a large number of publications and websites that hire individuals who can write well. One other way of getting yourself a gig or a home-based job as a writer, you can go through LinkedIn for people who have these roles. Keep in mind that jobs related to freelance writing aren’t always advertised so it is a good option if you email the companies directly and share your profile with them.

Become A Virtual Assistant

There are many online businesses that need help with getting done with many different tasks. These tasks vary from collecting rent, design graphics, research on different topics, reply to emails, collect data, organize data on CRMs, and remind about appointments. As a virtual assistant, you will end up having some good money online while staying at home

Teach Online

People today love to get an online degree or learn a skill online using hundreds of websites and places where they can find mentors. You can take the example of YouTube where many people share their experiences and other skills with the whole world. Likewise, there are many people who teach arts and crafts, specialized skills like photography, software, tools, and many other soft and hard skills. You can use these platforms to post online tutorials and get paid based on subscriptions and views. I would recommend that you should have a look at Serge Ramelli Photography, Digital Photo Mentor, GuitarLessons, Treehouse, and many other platforms that offer paid and free online tutorials. Look at the way these guys are using YouTube and other channels to teach people different skills online.


Earning money during your school or college days is not so difficult after all, right? These are a few ways that can help you polish your skills and earn money at the same time. All you need to have is access to any of these resources, a computer, an affordable high speed, and reliable internet connection and the will to earn. You can do more research on ways to earn money. Being a student, you might be able to make time for any of these tasks that can help you earn some extra cash during the Lockdown. This will help you come across useful things about your passion for art, photography, or any other skill that you have in a very easy way while remaining indoors.

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