How can an iPad POS System Help a Restaurant (and ALL Businesses!)

If you own a restaurant then you know that it is critical to be quick and efficient. No customer wants to wait an hour for their food, stand in line to check out and be there longer than they intended. Many customers eat out for lunch and time is of the essence. An iPad POS system is a way to speed things up and keep things simple at your restaurant.


How it Works

To get things started you will need a few iPads and an app that works with restaurants like Lavu. Then, you will need to set up all hardware, get your menu setup and make a decision on a Merchant Service Provider. You can choose whichever Merchant Processor and hardware that you like best. Whichever you choose can be easily implemented into your business.


You are able to fully set this up yourself as long as you are relatively tech-savvy. If you do not trust your tech skills, there are professionals who can get it all up and running.


Available Features

Everything you need for your business is available with this type of system. For example, you will set it up and everything on your menu will have its own button. This will make it so easy for your service employees to always get your customers’ orders right every time. This saves you both time and money. Customers can check out right there at the table, making their experience very convenient and customer oriented.


When it comes to the back of your restaurant, you will easily be able to obtain things like sales reports, end of day reports, transaction tracking and time sheets. You can keep up with inventory and create sales and specials right on the spot as well. When it comes to sales and specials, you can program these in and give them a start and expiration date. As of the expiration date, your system will automatically stop offering the sale price so you will not have to worry about forgetting to do this.


Remote Dashboard

You cannot be at your restaurant 24/7, but you surely want to be able to keep track of what is happening. You can do this because this type of system allows for you to get all of the information you can get on the iPad on your home computer, tablet or smartphone. Things like sales, employee time card information and other reports are available on your remote dashboard.

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