Growing Importance Of Nano Fibers In Biomedical And Healthcare

Nano fibers are significant and useful one-dimensional Nano materials which have gained increasing popularity in the current years. The inherent properties of Nano fibers make it an important component in the healthcare industry and in the field of biomedical. Nano fibers comprise of biodegradable or biocompatible substances. The porous nature of the substance and the large surface area make them better than the micro fibers. The intrinsic properties of the compound help the cells to adhere. This techno commercial report states the varied functions of the Nano fibers in the healthcare and biomedical sector. It covers how this compound acts as an effective solution to the challenges faced by the industry.

Through industrial developments like electro spinning, melt blowing methods, solution and melt spinning the need to understand and realize the potential of the Nano fibers has accelerated. Majority of the Nano fibers used in biomedical and healthcare sectors have been prepared from natural and synthetic polymers. Recent times have seen an increased use of inorganic and carbon Nano fibers. Medical textiles, wound healing, filtration, biosensors, tissue engineering and regeneration are some of the important areas in which Nano fibers are being increasingly used. These fibers offer a potential solution to the trials faced in the fast developing industry.

This report makes an analysis of the market size, the applications of Nano fibers and the various types of material. It also highlights the opportunities which the Nano fibers will face in the swiftly growing industry. In the biomedical field, the demand of Nano fiber has reached 30 metric tons per annum in the year 2012. The global biomedical market enabled with Nano fiber has been estimated at US$ 24 million and is expected to grow at a compound Annual Growth Rate of 36.8%. This growth is expected to take place during the years 2013 to 2018 at the rate of 36.8%. The value of the market is expected to accelerate to US$ 155.2 million by the year 2018.

In the global biomedical markets which use Nano fibers, North America enjoys a large segment of 50% share. Europe, Asia Pacific and Row follow the list. Europe enjoys a share of 37% while Asia Pacific is a 12% shareholder. Row has a share of 1%. The largest portion of the total market is made up of polymer Nano fibers. Among all applications filtration constitutes the largest share of Nano fibers. It is followed by medical textiles and wound healing. The biodegradable Nano fibers are highly well-suited for nonwovens and are more readily available than conventional fibers. These attributes of Nano fibers have increased its popularity, and its consumption is expected to grow in the following years.

United States leads in the research and development of these fibers. It is followed by South Korea and China. The Nano fiber industry comprises of both large organizations and companies in their emerging stage. Most of the manufacturers of Nano fibers are large companies. As this market in the early stages of growth there is an immense opportunity for development of the entry level players. The Nano fibers are a rare combination of all the desirable properties. Their properties make them popular for several applications in the healthcare and biomedical sector. It has been predicted that it will be largely consumed for biomedical purposes.

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