Google Android is getting more popular day by day

Apple was once having quite a solid market in the field of mobile devices. However, the scenario is not the same now. The launching of Google android devices has damaged the market of Apple devices a bit. The number of android applications is plenty and at the same time android devices are cheap.

Google AndroidAs per Ramon Llamas, the manager of IDC’s research of mobile phones said, “As per the growth engines of smart phones are concerned, Google android has taken an extremely crucial part in it. Since 2008, when it was launched first, it is growing its popularity day by day.”

One example can firmly establish this fact. The share of Apple devices in tablets was once 65% whereas now it has gone down to 50%. It is nothing but the effect of Google Android devices which are rapidly taking the share of devices sold in the market. Day by day they are gaining their popularity more and more and in the competition of various applications, Android is now at the first place for sure.

As per the variety is concerned, android applications are providing a lot of options. There is no doubt about the fact that people like variety in applications. This is why they are buying devices supporting android applications.

136 million android smart phones have been shipped, which is no doubt a remarkable figure. The amount of sold device has increased than the previous year. Apple I-Phone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3 were launched at the same time. As per the market report is concerned Samsung Galaxy S3 which has Google android applications are sold a lot more than the Apple device.

Google Android is an open source to the developers who develop various applications whereas Apple controls the products of software and hardware and even music, games and books etc. Therefore, the developers like Android more than Apple.

According to Dulaney, “The feedback from both the developers and the customers for Google Android is quite good and this is actually the best thing about them. They are gaining more popularity and market share rapidly.”

According to Golvin, “In the early days, the developers of smart phones were more concerned about the new technologies. However, now a day, the price of the device has become quite an important issue for the customers. Therefore, they are now also keen about making the device cheap.” He also said, “People like android mobile sets more as the options are plenty and so the choice is wider and they are getting it in cheap rate.”

Android is also producing malware protection system to the customers. They have improved the eco-system of their various applications like films, games, music videos and other applications and thus it has become very much user friendly.

As per the statistics the common trend shows that the Google Android applications are getting more value and the devices which have this application are getting more popularity in the market. Tablet market was first launched by I-Phones but now the Google Android applications are taking the shares more and more.

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