Get inspired from the cancer survivor

The thing which is important on third year mechanical of engineering student mind is to get the good grades as well as finally enter into the job market but from October everything get changed the Kelentshitse began in order to experience the continuous headaches that he initially thought are the migraines. He visits to the doctor and suggested him painkillers and also the headaches subsided only for them for return even in the worse after the few months. By this pattern of the doctor’s visits one get too much of relief.

cancer survivorHad acute pain in head and feeling dizzying

In this situation he had leave the class and his friend take him to the next room for the rest the pain in the head is increasing slowly then he begin to lose all his sight. In the panic situation, his friend rushed to the clinic after than he referred to another hospital namedPrincessMarinaHospital. In this hospital, they fastly give an injection in order to reduce the pain after that they conducted different types of test for finding why the head is paining.  After all the test they done X ray then also the picture are not clear then for finding the problem doctor suggested CT scan.

What happens after the CT SCAN?

After whole process of the CT scan one should referred to the specialist of a neuro surgery who perform a biopsy, which is totally based on the result of scan. It shows that there is a growth on his skull. The biopsy is mainly entailed to have an incision on the right side of the head from where they take a sample for growth on skull. After the biopsy, one is referred to take a treatment of oncologist and he has not any idea that it is department of cancer as well as cancer patient.

Doctor has explain many things related to illness

The doctor explains many things about his illness to his cousin not to him, and then his cousin explains everything to him about the cancer. The things are very complicated and there is not any cure whereas the doctors are talking regarding to many treatments and many of their side effects.  After all this, the another test was conducted for7 days and that are the longest days firstly the doctor given him the bad news that he had a Plasma Cytoma which is the early stage of bone cancer.

Early stage of bone cancer that is Plasma Cytoma

Now there is only single cell of a cancer that is not spread more, the multiple myeloma is a type of disease is caused in later stage. After that, the doctors take help of CAB that means Cancer Association Botswana. The side effects of different treatment getting him very down him then he is feeling extreme vomiting, dizziness as well as loss of hairs. He discusses all the problem and pain, for which doctor give him number of suggestion in respect to his intense pain.

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