Galaxy Digital cameras are available in the market to beat the Smartphones

The new galaxy camera of Samsung looks similar to a phone. The fact is that it is only a camera which is sale in the market via ere is AT&T, a wireless company. And there is no access by phone in it.

samsung-galaxy-cameraThe present world is the latest world of digital cameras, in which the manufacturers are finding it difficult to come up handy devices that match the simplicity and instant sharing features that of the Smartphones.

The Android Smartphone’s and Apple iPhone from Samsung, HTC and LG have developed to the point where the majority of people thinks that the phone shots are as effective as that of the digital cameras despite the absence of better zooming ability and the superior flash.

The manufacturers are planning to introduce a lighter, sharper and much smaller cameras which are capable of doing certain things which the old Pentax Spotmatics and Nikon F of previous years could never dream of.

The new Galaxy camera launched by Samsung has a 4.8-inch screen that too LCD type on the back. It is larger than generally what is seen on the majority of cameras and phones, but it is smaller than the tablets. The highlighting feature of it is that it has 21x zoom lens, inbuilt Android software with the complete range of apps.

Samsung this year has launched ten Wi-Fi enabled cameras. These cameras either connected by Smartphone or the WI-Fi.

One of the fastest growing categories in the field of cameras is the little rugged “action cam,” that can be attached to bike helmets, dog collars and even to the surfboards.

Jay Kelbley, product manager at Samsung pointed out that ,” if you are taking images of a guy on a football ground, or a recital in dim light, the pictures would not be as beautiful on a Smartphone in comparison to that with a camera.”

The point-and-shoot camera of Nikon the Coolpix S800c has built-in Android software which enables the user to connect to Facebook for the purpose of social networking and Google+ to check e-mails from the backside of the camera, provided the availability of  Wi- Fi connection.

There are the Mirrorless cameras for the people who want a bit different than a point and shoot camera, but not interested in carrying a big SLR. In this category Sony dominates the class with its NEX series.

The cameras are equipped with full-size image sensors, as that of the SLRs, having bodies on par with the point and shoot. The manufacturers make it possible by detaching the mirror, which is the standard for SLRs in order to simplify image composing procedure through a view finder. The Mirrorless cameras channel the viewfinder in good turn of composing on the LCD.

There are two latest mirrorless cameras which are making photographers drool:

  • Canon EOS M, is the first mirrorless camera by Canon which is smaller than Canon’s best selling Rebel.
  • Sony RX1: The RX1 is a costly “full-frame” compact camera. It provides sharper image of very high quality.

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