Even the newly improved and engineered iphone 4 has issues to tackle

Iphone 4 as of now is considered as one of the greatest creations of the apple company that is designed and engineered by experienced people who has sharpened their skills in long years of experience in the field of new technology. It offers different kind of features like facetime, retina display that allows the user to capture the sharpest image he likes, a whole new way of running programs simultaneously without the fear of the system freezing, high definition video recording and editing, a 5 mega pixel camera with a LED flash, an air print and air play, a voice control, and many more features that users can’t afford to take for granted. If cell phones are created to keep people in touch, iphone literally keeps people connected because of its highly appraised feature like the facetime where the users can talk to other users at the same time and see movements from each other. But, regardless of its newly and improved technology, iphone users still seems not to be contented on how apple iphone works. Some of the past problems encountered before with the first released iphone are still encountered today with the users. Here are the iphone 4 common problems that the users complained about:


1. Dropped calls: This is the most common iphone problem encountered by the users. Apple Company appears to have a hard time fixing this connectivity problem which has been encountered for a long period now. This is the kind of problem where their users simply ran out of signal and experienced drop calls in the middle of conversations. This issue has been discussed before but the carrier which is the AT&T Company still seems to lack capability in fixing it.


2. Sensors don’t work well: This problem is mostly encountered when having a call and the sensor starts dialing any phone number and the system simultaneously opens other applications on the phone.


3. Malfunction of the camera lenses: Despite the existence of 5 mega pixel camera lens that apple iphone provides, there are still some disappointed users. The most common is the LED flash that comes with a yellow spot anywhere near the screen which is explained to be the incorrect evaporation of a certain chemical that is used to bond the layers of glass in the iphone.


4. Battery life: Again an old issue going back to the first launch of iphone. The iphone battery can’t last a whole day’s usage and easily gets drain even without it being extensively used.


5. Supply crisis: Regardless of these problems, buyers are still eager to buy one for themselves, which now causes the fifth problem- supply crisis. There is not enough manufactured iphone 4 prepared for the consumers and those who ordered on line will have to wait for some time to get their iphone. Delays of launching the white version is also questioned by the users who are anticipating having the white one over the overrated black colored iPhone which is also prone to greatly noticeable scratches.

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